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Pain is what a person says that it hurts: The 10 non-drug ways of dealing with your physical pain.


JEREMIAH CHAPTER 29: Utilizing the current situation to your best.

This chapter has a war just as the preceding chapter of true prophecy against false one. The preceding chapter presented prophet Jeremiah against a false prophet, Hananiah, in a sermon to sermon conflict of which prophet Jeremiah emerged as the right prophet and Hananiah as the false one who received a punishment directly from God and died within only 2 months (Jer 28:12-17). In this chapter, the struggle is between letters, one containing false words and the other bearing God’s truth. The chapter has a number of letters: A letter from Jeremiah to the exiles (vv. 1–14); a letter concerning Jewish false prophets in Babylon to which Jeremiah replied (vv. 15–23); a letter from Shemaiah to the temple priests concerning Jeremiah, which he read (vv. 24–29); and a letter from Jeremiah to the exiles concerning Shemaiah (vv. 30–32).

The Five (5) misinterpreted lessons in the church history up to now.

The church simply means a congregation of believers. This definition makes it clear that the different denominations in the world may constitute one church. However, these different denominations must be sharing the same belief or faith. For example, all people who believe in Jesus Christ constitute one church of Christ. From the history, the church is one of the greatest voices that are heard whether in government, private institutions or communities. The church has played a big part in world civilization, development, wars, moral changes and political and cultural reforms.
From the above simple background, it is likely possible that the society will always define a virtue basing on the church’s attitude towards that virtue. If the church defines one virtue as good and the other as evil, it is likely that the whole community, including political institutions will follow the same trend. Yeah, there many instances when the church and other institutions go a different way concerning a ce…

The only key to unlocking total submission from your wife or fiancée:

It is one of the painful things in this world to have a woman who doesn’t listen to your voice. To marry a sweetheart and you still take care of yourself as before, to call her and adamantly refuses to come. To leave clothes and utensils dirty at home and find them in the same condition when you return. It is a hurtful thing to have a woman who refuses to submit to your leadership as a man. You may not say it in public, you may even know it that it is the one thing responsible for your unhappiness and oh how dangerous it is to have such a lover who doesn’t obey what you say or do! Some of us have tried to beat our sweethearts to force them submit to our leadership. Some of us have tried police, some have tried local and national courts to address the matter of wives not submitting and respecting their husbands, we have tried deception and lies, we have tried threats and torturing of different kinds (including withholding home supplies, having much time away from our homes and troublous…

Jeremiah Chapter 28: Out of the frying pan into the fire (wooden yokes to iron ones).

This chapter portrays practically one of the head false prophets as had been warned of in the preceding chapter (27:9-10). The chapter opens up with a clear reference to when the prophecy came in. It was in the beginning of Zedekiah’s rain though in the fourth year of this King’s reign and in its fifth month. According to Jeremiah 51:59, it is in the fourth year that King Zedekiah visited the King of Babylon and in the process his territory was expanded to rule over 5 other kings. Some writers want to convince us that, though it was the actual fourth of his reign over Judah, it was his first year’s reign over an extended dominion (see Jarchi’s expositions). However, according to Fausset and David Brown, it was an Israelite’s style of dividing any reign into ‘the beginning’ and ‘the end’ parts. Thus, though it was in the real fourth year of King Zedekiah’s reign, it is still upright to refer to this as the beginning of his reign. And since he ruled for about 11 years in total, then it …

Better reception and registration services: two great Ugandan companies missing on them.

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