Action-reward principle part 2: Life areas of practical application.

So you may ask a question, what is the reward of me reading or understanding this philosophy? And below are your rewards.

1. 1-    Raise your self-esteem, you deserve the goodness. Yeah, about 90% of people who show you goodness do so simply because you deserve it. In some way you have done the right action and the appropriate reward is just returning. Stop believing in the lies of unworthiness. People convincing you that they just offered you the job out of sympathy but you didn’t deserve something good like that. Eeeh, who told you that the world has such a principle as something for nothing? You are worthy and that’s explains the goodness you receive.

2. 2-    Another reward for you. The remaining 10% who may do you a complete favor together with those who see your worthiness all agree on this: they expect a reward of sort by taking you in. This simply means that people will do you good as long as there is a reward for them. This reward can be there whether you are worthy of their goodness or not. For example, a person who offers you a job will have done you goodness and will get the reward of you doing his job and considering his kindness which may be a spiritual reward for him. But in this case, you are worthy of the goodness because you had studied and you qualify to do the job. But a man who finds a beggar by the road side and puts 500 shillings in his basket will have done the beggar a favor which he didn’t deserve but the man will have a reward of the beggar considering his kindness (spiritual reward) and also of marketing his name as a kind person (self-worthiness reward).

3.    3- 70% of the 90% who do you good when you, in reality, deserve it actually give you a part of the goodness you deserved. For example, It is highly possible that  a member of parliament in Uganda who buys 2 ambulances for a hospital of the people who voted him in would have signed for money equivalent to buying 4 or at least 3 vehicles in reality. A person who employs you and pays you about 300,000 shillings might be cheating you more 300,000 shillings or at least 100,000 shillings.

On this, I have a personal experience: I needed a room for renting; my land lady said that rent was 250,000 shillings monthly but after a struggle of bargaining, she put me in at 220,000. I paid and lived in the house. After 3 month, rent was increased by 20,000 for everyone living in the apartment and then I was sure I was going to pay 240,000 shillings per month, but one morning when I was conversing with her she told me that I was a good resident and thus I would pay only what I used to pay. In other words, my rent had not been increased. I was happy for she had shown me goodness. About 3 days after that encounter, I learned from my neighbor that they had been paying only 150,000 shillings and that since rent had been increased they would be paying 170,000. I was shocked. For the last 3 months I was being cheated 70,000 shillings and I was going to continue being cheated 50,000. What I did next may not help you but am sure you have got the point. I had received goodness because I was a good resident and yet I was cheated even beyond imagination.

Wait for part 3. We still have many areas of application.

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