ACTION-REWARD PRINCIPLE (Part 3): Practical life areas of application.


  1.   Ask for more. From the above swallowed philosophy and examples of experiences, it would be better if you stopped being too much appreciative and start asking for more or at least use your appreciation as a tool to get more of your goodness. Ask for a raise of your salary, ask your MP to buy more cars, tell your land lords to reduce on rent cost, ask your companies to improve your post, ask your teachers for more lessons and ask your parents for more support. I am saying that you ask for more out of everything, out of life. For if some goodness was done to you, there is a fountain of that goodness and never settle until you drink enough of it. Simply, don’t settle for less. Remember, our sin is not in asking for more but settling for less.

2.   5-  Are you failing to do something? Re-assess your expected reward(s). You fell in love with this hot lady. It was hot in the first 3 months, you enjoyed each other, you respected each other, you helped each other, and you made love and it was all beautiful. But suddenly, a hole has penetrated your happiness. The relationship is crawling. No more smiles but hatred, no more making love but cheating, no more helping but only betrayals and you wonder what happened! What if you pursued a right action expecting a wrong reward? What if the reward you are after is not the right one for loving? What if you are just losing all the reason or motivation to go on simply because you don’t see the reward you wanted or simply the reward isn’t strong enough to propel you through the action? Maybe you were moved by her thighs that have scars now and no longer attractive, maybe you were motivated by her money that no longer flows, maybe you wanted her support in times of trouble and the troubles are over. Whatever your motivation was, it seems it wasn’t right for the action. Review it and imprint it on your mind and you will be surprised by the new strength and courage of love. Simply, if whatever you are doing seems falling or failing, revise your rewards for it is your motivation and means of all man’s achievements.

3.   6-  If there is no reward of any kind attached to any action, better leave the action or do it at your own risk. Ironically, such action never exists since no man would have even the least strength of doing even the least work or act. However, basing on the kind of reward that was meant for an action and which seems won’t be got at doing the act, man may decide not to do the action. For example, when we help someone we expect gratefulness or blessings back in some way. However, if a known traitor, someone who hates you, who wishes you bad all the days of his life tricks us into giving him something, we may decide not to simply because we won’t have the blessings (spiritual benefits) because we have been tricked by an enemy into helping him. But on the grounds of being seen as great people, who are kind, and who can help, we may decide to give the help so we may have that other benefit or reward. Whether this is a sin or not is another chapter but what’s clear is that we can manage do only those actions that will bring us some kind of reward.
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