Here comes a couple of the ‘unprivileged’ as the society calls them or people with disabilities as many know. I am talking about a couple of completely dumb and deaf people. As they enter the ward, the man or the husband walks besides his wife and very closely. They have a smile that we don’t see even in American love series and they whisper into each others' ears, I mean using their arms and hands, and smile more and more.
When they entered, I discovered they were three. Behind them was another lame man. Oh how beautiful the couple was and their one close friend, he was an interpreter to us who don’t understand their language for he could hear and speak. With too much excitement, I ushered them inside and I saw the lame understanding me closely and they entered the ward.

This couple has been blessed with twins and they had come to check on their twins who we were taking care of in our ward. And I saw something else. As the woman reached for the babies, the husband’s hands were already backing up behind the woman’s and they still smiled. I saw the man help the woman remove her shoes as they entered the most clean part of the ward and helped her put them on when they left. I am saying that I saw love in action, great understanding between just two people lighting the whole world with fragrance of love.

Something flashed into my mind. No one understood their sign language but they understood each other and that was all they had. They weren’t rich but had love and tenderness towards each other and that was their own world. They had been blessed with health twins and yet they didn’t have all that we call HEALTH LIVING (Ebintu bizibu).

Oh something else happened. One of our staff remarked, “Eeeh, bano nabo balimba. How can you be deaf and you marry another deaf? People are not serious”. I quickly got angry and I don’t know how but I go touched by this remark. I interrupted that sister, “Keep quiet. What is important is that they understand each other. Leave them. Marry your desired choices”. I thought about other answers but didn’t say them to her. These are the opportunistic fellows who don’t look for love but for their selfish interests. Aaah, I can’t be a nurse and I marry another nurse but a banker accountant, they hallucinate always. But they end up getting disappointed while the deaf couple is smiling.

The things I have learnt from this live love experience have confirmed my brief: It is the understanding and air of peace between me and my loved one that counts not the world. Despite how turbulent the world might be, as a couple, we can have our own world full of faithfulness and peace and love. And this is possible with you too. Let’s pray that God gives us this gift of true love in our lives. Let’s pray that our hearts divert the attention from these worldly pleasures and interests when searching our other ribs and focus on finding true love and affection.



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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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