Better reception and registration services: two great Ugandan companies missing on them.

Registration and registration areas of your business company are your first impression to the clients and seekers of your services. According to the movie, SUITS, the great judge Havy advises his follower to always mind about the first impression and the rest of the times take care of themselves. Actually, the way you receive people in the reception and what they go through during registration, either of new customers or visitors, counts a lot in the growth and expansion of your business. Many people will judge your business by what they experience or encounter in these two areas.

You may be having a lot of big services for your people, you may be willing to serve people with your heart, but we shall never know that if we face roughness as we enter, face hard faces at the reception, and get charged for entering or asking for any service. If people are already members of an organization, the first motivation is to get some services for free. Your reception is your power even at home. A good wife, welcoming to visitors is likely to do much for you when it comes to winning the hearts of visitors and investors.

You would better be strict when choosing and employing a receptionist than the middle-men. You would make sure you pay well a receptionist and make her or him happy, he or she is your business definer by pushing away or welcoming new clients. Failure to handle the reception and registration parts of your business will likely cause you two tragedies: 

1. The Company won’t grow since new members won’t be entering. They, instead, will be searching where their needs can be met with willing companies that show respect for their clients.
2.  The worst thing that can happen is that the already registered members request to be released or leave without a notice. Some might remain registered in your books but rarely use their accounts (become inactive members), or even stop seeking services from you.

If you have ever visited NSSF offices, Stanbic bank, and Mtn offices, you will understand the difference. While NSSF services are free, fast, and with good smoothness as their customer care, both MTN and Stanbic bank are slowly losing this touch. If you have been following media, and personal experience, MTN is the number one telecommunication company with high number of customer complaints and un-identified charges on its clients. Also, Stanbic bank has the highest number of complaints and unaddressed money missing or overcharges.

I am a member of the three companies and I know how to tell the difference. However, you may have your own view but that the reception and registration areas of any company are crucial for its growth and development still holds. Some companies forget that there is need and a great one to maintain the success they have already attained. I am sure the number one reason behind the mistreatment of customers in mtn and stanbic bank is because the two companies have built their name and success more than most of their counterparts.

So what is the point today? Take care about your customer care despite the size of your company and you will soar higher and higher. Take your precious time and solve customers’ questions and complaints than any other thing. Your clients determine your business and ultimately your success.

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