LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: How to find love.

When we were young adults of 17,18,19, we had crammed a formula that would help us to get right women. You also know it, it's,Beauty,Character,Education,Family background etc) but I am sure when i fell in love, i never remembered to apply the formula but i fell for the right one. So what is the secret behind?

Did you know that relationships of the educated ones are even worse compared to our non-educated families at home? The educated ones are usually able to hide these differences from the public but of them are having difficulty in their homes either due to unfaithfulness, workaholics and alcoholism, disrespect between the couple and fights over money and jobs and etc.

The above challenge in the educated class is because most of them choose their partners using their mind and formulas instead of following the passion of their hearts. You have got the point: follow the passion of your heart and not your crammed formulas and tricks from the books you have read.

I have interacted with many girls in professional work and their focus is what the man has than what the man is. You may deny it but you know it is true. There are times when you fall for a man only to realize he has no standing job, no car, no house or even is not so educated and then you turn him off or you just stay while you are cheating on him with the loaded guys. Your heart talks silently,"but you love him" but your ego shouts, "yeah, but he really has nothing". And since most of us are likely to listen to the loud voice than the calm voice of the conscience,we side with our brains and abandon the heart.

I am not saying that you don't put reasoning in your emotions and desires but your reasoning should be to help you avoid sins and not mistakes as defined by society. Love crosses borders and tribes and is not governed by your tribal rules or society regulations. If you are still a prisoner of these society rules and regulations, you will never meet the freedom of heart offered by love.

There is this new era where no man should love only one woman,that is the gospel of evil. You can't enjoy your full passion when you are distributing it among women. Who told you?Mbu you read it in books or watched a movie.

The last time you want to choose or find love, take notice of that lady who makes your heart feel at home, who counsels you and at times you confuse her with your mother, who has this vast knowledge that he understands even the life and message in natural plants and animals, who when you are with her you feel heaven, you feel you can do anything with her, that is the woman and to you ladies that is the man.
She may not be of your tribe, she may be of low education or higher, her family might be rich or not, disciplined or not, but if she gives her soul to you, then give your soul to her and with your love you will work on the rest to fit in the design.

Once again, use your heart to guide you to your love not your brains and reasoning.



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