MY TAKE ON KCCA CASE: News analysis.

Yeah,my anger is now at balance with my reasoning and so let me ooze out what i feel and think about the whole issue. While so many of my friends,including Ivan mwase,ortega ian,Henry mutebe and Martha have shown the real problem that is out here(ie failure of the government to support small scale formal and informal enterprises and instead resorting to torture of vendors and hawkers and lowly class kind of businesses), i want to add that KCCA's negative impact on our country is even more than that and the worst part of it is that those who own the stage to stand for this have their personal interests and thus don't care.

The truth behind this current sad insident is that the toddler(the child) was not intentionally killed and the second thing is that KCCA tried to take the child to the hospital. Other important actions, according to the press or media(for example,according to minister Frank Tumwebaze,Jennifer Musisi and the police), are that KCCA is handling the burrial and that the person who might be found to have behaved irresponsible or careless will be brought to the book.

For those who follow me,you remember my article on "the dangers of overappreciation" and "action-reward philosophy". Most Ugandans are made blind by little offers and they end up failing to claim for much and which they rightfully deserve.

Taking the four facts in paragraph two into account,have we got what we want and deserve?Has KCCA and the government answered our question of violated human rights and inhuman brutality against common man?Have we answered Ortega ian's issue of unsupported formal enterprises?The above four factors do not quench even a third of our thirst. And should we just ignore?

The incident in question is not the whole issue. The issue is about KCCA and government's behavior in dealing with a common man in the country. This latest incident is just a drop in the ocean as some of my friends have already observed. We would be called 'just biased hooligans' if our accusations based on this sad story only because the fact is that it was an accident. But what about the factors that predisposed us to this fate?Were they an accident too?Didn't you deliberately drag a defenseless mother into prison and leave a defenseless child of 2 years behind crying and finally crawling into the wheels of your car where you killed it as you hurriedly walked out to brutalize other lowly class people?

Listen, i am not judging you,i am simply discerning between good and evil. Only God will judge us all but this doesn't stop the universal law from punishing you. What have we done wrong to deserve this harassment?By the way,who told you there is emergency help in Mulago?Why didn't you rush the child to Kampala international hospital? You didn't have money to pay for a dying child from a defenseless low class mother,did you?

Finally,though i am sure my voice may not reach far,i was suggesting that we as the government do two things: 1. We must compensate the mother highly and make her a fortune and all those who have ever fallen victim to KCCA and government's brutal actions. Ugandans don't complain even when money for orphans is embezzled by our rich ministers and i am sure no one will complain it money and a lot of it is given to such victims as the above woman. 2. The government,by any means(either via the parliament or constitution or general human law),should revise the actions of KCCA and put up new reforms of how to deal with common man or lowly businesses in the city and the whole country.



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