NEWS ANALYSIS: The power of the president in fight against corruption and other vices.

Whenever the question of corruption and its toll on us is passed to politicians (especially of the ruling party), they start gambling. They then divert a little from their coercive and tricky ways of handling questions and start referring us to ethics and morals and virtues in society (from grass-root to the top). And many Ugandans have still said YES! "Corruption can be terminated by all of us getting involved", they hallucinate. "When a policeman asks for a bribe, don't give it and you will have made it", they lure the non-thinking Ugandans.

They convince the public to realize that corruption can be overcome if, starting down there in our small villages and families, we said NO to it and live upright lives. They are not different from the other mentors i told you about last night who teach you that yo should never focus on money, properties or fame if you want to make a change in the society (Read my post on The Complete You Project timeline).

Some go ahead and argue, "Eeeh, is it Museveni who steals money or the drugs in the hospitals. Is it Museveni who tortured Besigye or Mbabazi?". And it reminds me of the mother whose son was a thief and she would always enjoy the boy's stolen food. It happened the villagers came for this mother and the son one day following a heavy stealing and a lot of the things were hidden under the mother's bed .And as they were dragged away, the mother asked,"by the way,am I the one who stole these things?"

WHAT am I saying today?We can't and we will never terminate corruption from the grass-root. If it is to be so, then it means trying to train our children to live a non-corrupt world and until they grow up and takeover leadership, we won't see these changes (about 1000 years time). Also, these children are likely to be contaminated by the already rotten society and thus we are not sure of these results even after 1000 years.

If our president says,"no corruption in Uganda", it would take us only a month to see results. This is because His order will touch the grass-root effectively than an order from grass-root to the top. Nonsense. People who are caught in embezzlement of funds are released daily in His government and He defends others in His own words. So who is the thief? or who is the killer? If you want any change in the country, the fact is CHANGE THE PRESIDENT. But the question is DO WE NEED CHANGE? I know my answer and you know yours and this makes my post not against the current president, i am simply showing the power of president.

So stop that propaganda of lies. If you think we need a change of somethings, say it rightly (say,"CHANGE THE PRESIDENT"). And if you don't see a need for change, then let Him remain. I am angered by such hypocrisy that people can shape the rotten country without the change of leadership. Did you read,"an army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by sheep"? A leader and especially a president is the focal point of change, towakana.



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