The Complete You Project: The dream come true.


When God created us, he meant us to live a complete life with all its aspects. These aspects include science and health, spiritual aspects and religion, economics and money, social relationships and love plus even romance. However, GOD meant us to derive joy and happiness in all these aspects and to be rulers over them not the vice versa and this perfectness would mean our complete joy in God's provisions and His complete glory in us the creation.

But as you already have noticed things have not been that perfect with us all and we fell short of God's glory and lost our joy as a consequence. Many diseases have invaded our health, business collapse day and night and poverty hits us, money no longer flows, our love and relationships are stumbling, our spiritual world no longer shines and we get lost into darkness full of misery.

So many have tried to succeed in some of the above aspects but life continues to be hell because it wasn’t meant to be in halves or quarters but abundant and complete. Some have enough money but don’t even sleep on their beds because their spirits collapsed, others have stable relationships but can’t have even small money for water of food, others have ‘spiritual success’ but have lost real touch with the communities and the sheep the Almighty meant them to take care of.

What results is hopelessness, the persuasion that life can’t be complete, that we better give up the fight there is no remedy, and others have committed suicide out of desperacy and life has just lost value and meaning as people turn out to be wild and governed by what they were to rule, we kill others as if they were ants, we treat our lovers and friends as if they were rebels and oh what a deadly situation!

But I ask, “Is that all? Is it true that there is no remedy? Haven’t we seen some exceptions? Hasn’t the creator provided remedy? Can’t we solve our relationship problems? Can’t the problem of poverty and health be relieved? Am sure you know the answer for you have heard about it if you haven’t seen it yet. The answer is yes. There is a remedy and it resides within you too for you were created with the solution and it’s now we need to make life what the creator meant it to be.

The complete you project is here for you to help you discover all that makes you. It’s not about money only but also love. It’s not religious aspects only but also good health. It’s not having too many scientific degrees but also knowing how to solve the common social issues. And when life is complete, you know it: You will find the true joy and give glory to your maker. That is home.

NB. This is not an evangelical project; it is a project that will help you develop in any life aspect.


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