The complete you project was formed and founded by NEMEYIMANA VICENT with the help of his fiancée AMULEN WINFRED only one year after both parties had finished their studies in a nursing college and only 3 months after they both had been enrolled in public service in Mulago National Referral hospital in Uganda.

According to VICENT, the project is not an evangelical one but intends to help the public develop in all life aspects, including health, relationships and love, business and money-making alongside spiritual growth. He adds that the idea had flashed in his mind some years back but couldn’t enforce it due to different factors. However, as he always quotes, things that we love most will always come back to us and so on 05/09/2014 the project was penned down and allowed to be born.

 Everyone wherever he is and whatever he does is entitled to this complete life. It may not mean money or economic success but these aspects are as important as the rest. Some people have mistaken God to have ordained poverty upon their lives but it may not be the case. Whether we are rich or poor, whether we are young or old, whether we live or die, it is for God’s glory. Remember God’s glory equals our total satisfaction &delight in him. The poverty that tortures us and robs us of peace and joy is not His arrangement. That’s why we are here: so you find your life.

To revive the world back to the complete life that God meant for us when He said, “I came to give life-life in all its fullness”.

 To see a happy world with happy people celebrating life in its fullness.

 1. Helping the world come up with the true meaning of life and adapt the right ways to acquire and maintain it.
 2. Empowering people in all aspects that make life a beautiful thing to enjoy by sharing both motivating and inspiring messages and solutions across the globe.
 3. Enabling collaboration with the government and other private wings as long as they have the same vision or mission.


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