Video: Baby Tortured by evil maid still alive and not dead: tips on how to manage maids. Dogs & cats could help!

By Nemeyimana Vicent.

The whole media is full of this recent shameful incident in Uganda where CCTV cameras caught a maid of about 22 years torturing a child of 2 years to ‘death’. The father and the mother of the child are identified as Erick Kamanzi and Angella, residents of Nalya, Kiwatule, Kampal. The maid is called Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22 years, a Rukingiri-born woman.

 According to the news flowing in, it is alleged that the father and mother would at times find the child with bruises and the maid would deny everything. The family ended up installing CCTV camera without the maid knowing. And it so happened that one day when both parents were away, the maid did what you will see in this video to this toddler.

According to the video, the maid feeds the child solid food and at a high rate that the child starts coughing. The maid then starts beating the child, who then vomits and consequently the maids throws the child on the hard floor, making the child kiss the hard ground. Unfortunately, the evil maid doesn’t stop from there. She finds the child on the floor and starts stepping on this defenseless creature with all her weight as she walks to and flows just on top of the child.

Finally, the almost dying child is given kicks and then picked up like garbage with one hand and the maid enters another house room, maybe to do much more killings.
According to the current news, the maid is under imprisonment in Luzira prison waiting to be taken back to court on 8th, December, this year.

Other similar cases: 

Like I said before, the instances of maids torturing the kids they are supposed to look after have increasingly happened in the past. Actually, the current trouble is just a drop in an ocean.

1.      The New Vision newspaper of Uganda has a story it published on 05th, September, 2014 of a family that left a child with a maid and returned only to find a dead child in the couch. According to Madhinah Nalwanga reporting in those days, “the couple had left their daughter, Phoebe Kasyoka, in the care of a maid identified only as Fiona who was just one-month old on the job. Phoebe's mother Akello said they had been wary of the maid's temperament because of the way she barked at their daughter, and had warned to sack her if she did not change her ways.

Akello says when she was called and told her child lay lifeless on the couch in the sitting room she did not believe it, so she called a neighbor who usually checked in on the situation at home, to ascertain the truth. When the neighbor rushed home, her fears were confirmed. Little Phoebe's life had just been squeezed out of her. The neighbor reported that in fact the girl's body was already cold”.

2.      In June, 2010, a story circulated of a maid who handed over a child she was taking care of to its killers. According to Norah Chandiru in those times, “ The story of baby Kham Kakama, the 18-month-old baby who was handed over  to his killers by a maid is still fresh in our minds. Kakama’s body was discovered in a Kampala swamp on June 13, 2010, after he was kidnapped from his parents’ home in the city suburb of Bugolobi on June,8.

It is alleged that the maid, Mellon Nabaasa, handed over the child to her lover, who then kidnapped him. Nabaasa, together with the killers, Brian Sejjaji and Gordon Tumusiime, are in Luzira serving a sentence of over 50 years. Many parents wondered what the maid was thinking to trust anyone with the child. But in many a home, parents are grappling with untold stress because of their maids. They could start by doing their duties properly, then change suddenly”.

 The tip(s):

 I have said it and I will repeat it. In the first place, you do not have to employ a maid if you really don’t deserve one. Yeah, I know there are those situations in which a maid is a necessary evil but don’t overdo it and bring one even when you have no work for her. Some of you like showing off. Some women and men are good workers but when money flows in, they feel it is an insult to wash clothes or sweep the house. You may be the next victim. Actually, according to the Uganda observer, it is said that Mr. Kamanzi, the father of the victim, is married to a beautiful Rwandanese woman Angella who doesn’t like attending to the child despite her not having much work. This story is not yet a fact. Anyway, avoid employing maids as far as you can go.

The next thing to do is handling your maid very well. She cooks for you, takes care of your baby, and all those other activities and you can’t even say, ‘thank you for the work done’ even once. Some of you have different dishes or diet for your maids and you expect them to feed your kids the nice food when you leave. Others handle them like slaves with so much work to do and without resting or day off. What about a good pay and in time? Take a maid as a family member though there should be limits. Call your maid and ask her about your home issues and say nice day to you and the baby. You can even go out with her and your family once in a while accordingly. I can’t say everything but I am sure you know the best things that you would like be done to you if you were a maid too.

Explain the limits or the rules and also obey them as the master or mistress. Some women force maids to wash the pants of their husbands, to cook nice food for the husbands or even to make bed. Likewise, some men do these mistakes and invite maids into their rooms, send them for towels when bathing. All those things over-expose you to your maid and she starts demanding for more which she doesn’t deserve. When you offer them, the family might fail or you deny her the offers, and she does badly to you or your family. Explain to her what she is to do and what not to do and obey such agreements. Also, in case there is a thing you want to do in a special way, and then do it yourself.

Getting a maid from a known and trusted source may help though not so much. Some people have suggested that getting a maid from these girls raised by Catholic sisters is usually safe. Try that and other trusted sources. Usually, maids picked from the street do not do well. Get a well-known maid from a distinguished family.

Finally, no matter how good you may be to your maid, she might be the type that won’t change. In case, you suspect danger in her, organize her package and set her free and let go. So many people like holding on to these maids despite the differences that could be going on and which have not been solved. What happens in the end? The maid makes plan B for you, your child, your property or family. Be careful.

The tips can’t be said as if it a mathematical formula, you must use common sense to predict the one to work for you according to the structure of your home and family. Let me say it again; don’t employ a maid unless it is inevitable to have one. Learn to do home chores yourself no matter your level of education or financial status or beauty.


 Some reports have shown home pets like dogs and cats doing well the job of looking after kids in absence of their parents. However, since this may not be possible in most cases, then it may be important to have someone you trust aside to check on how both your maid and family are doing at home during your absence. The videos here indicate instances where dogs or cats have been great saviors of children’s lives from harsh people or threatening situations.

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