The Hypocritical writers: Teaching the world the faith you don’t believe in is the greatest crime of treason.

I am aware we have all ever come across the teaching, ‘do as I say but don’t do as I do’ and I am sure this is the context that has led many of us astray. That context may not be entirely problematic, but the way we understand it matters a lot. Even I have ever come across many writers telling us that if we ever judge them from what they write, we are wrong. They are not what they write, they don’t believe in the faith they preach, they have the virtues they advocate for and they are totally different from their preaching and writings and I wonder what happened!
Teaching the world the faith you don’t believe in is the greatest crime of treason, I believe. Writers are creators, they are role models, and they are change-preachers and agents of society development. If we only understood the power in what we write, then we would be more careful. Actually, I always wonder if I am writing the truth and this makes me responsible for whoever follows my teachings. Those who follow my writings, you already know that we are partly, indirectly or directly, responsible for almost all what happens around us. If any person falls into a trap that we laid either by our hands or our tongue or our writings, that person will be killed but we won’t escape the blame.

From today, stop that deception. Stop telling us that you are not what you write. If you write nonsense, then you are nonsense. If your writings encourage us to kill each other, then you are a murderer. If your writings promote polygamy or gay culture, then you are a gay and a polygamist. If your writings promote Christianity, then you are a Christian. Get me well, I am not saying that you are a sinner by being exactly what you write, I am simply saying that you are a traitor if you don’t live the life you preach.

At times we may not live the life we teach or write about simply because we fail to do so. This is very different from us encouraging one life in our writings and choosing to live another. How do you tell us to be faithful and you sleep with 7 women in a week? How dare you tell us to stop taking bribes and you embezzle millions of money that were for orphans? And what worries me so much is that such people still make it through. And since most of us will never know that we fell as long as money, fame and prosperity is still flowing, then we are likely gonna lose you forever. Why?

You are going to say, ‘eeh, what is he saying? Don’t I sell? Am I not liked by both the youth and the old? Aren’t my writings rocking the world? And when the answer turns out to be YES to those questions, you are likely never gonna change. After all, by the time you decide to deceive the world to believe in one life and you live the other, you no longer care about your soul.

The best teacher does so by example. I am aware that we never provide the example exactly as we preach but we have to try, the followers must us trying, and we owe them an apology every time we fail on the principles we ourselves preach. But the above doesn’t concern you if you really believe in the faith you preach.

The context, ‘Do as I say but not as I do’ commonly used by preachers in the church has a reference in the bible where every Christian is advised to follow the footsteps of Jesus but not the pastor or priest. While that is there, the lessons about hypocrites who teach people not to do evil and yet they themselves go ahead and do them fills all the pages of that holy book. There is no contradiction between the two. What God means is that our preachers and pastors can fall too. After all, they are humans and thus are not our supreme role models. They need us to stay upright too. Thus our real master is Christ who is always perfect. But this doesn’t mean that preachers or our spiritual leaders shouldn’t lead by example. The whole of the bible emphasizes leading by example.

Finally, we must put this article into action. We must sit and revise the models we follow yet they are hypocrites, the churches we attend (what they preach and what they do), and the books we read (what the writer encourages and how he lives). I am not saying that you quit following them or attending your church, I am saying that you should know well the kind of people you follow. If you like someone who promotes gay culture in his writings, say it openly, ‘I follow a gay’. If someone quotes, ‘sleeping with other women other than the one you married is no problem’, then know that you follow a polygamist or a sex maniac.

Once again, I am not judging the above traits, I am simply saying that don’t confuse us that you are not what you write. I am not saying that being a polygamist is a sin (that’s up to you), I am simply saying that you don’t have to deny that you are not one yet your writings encourage that trait. But it may be true; you might be living a life that is different from the one you preach. It may be true that you are not a gay even though you encourage that in your writings. Yeah, you are not a Christian even though you tell the gospel. If we are not what we write, we the worst liars, traitors and the most doomed, forgive us FATHER.

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