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Does God Really Exist? How Theology Puts Holes in Bing BangTheory and Nails Atheism!

Over the centuries, so many people have argued that God does not exist and they have displayed their reasoning basing on science, theology, philosophy, geology and all sorts of education material and, to an extent, have convinced many more. When I was born, it was just yesterday, I found some believing that God exists and others that He doesn’t. And even today someone out there is still wondering what the truth could be.

I am sure the above question has ever been addressed a thousand and more times by even the greatest scholars of the time but since there is a multitude that doesn’t know the right answer, it won’t be a wastage to bring it to you plainly and in our modern easy version. It won’t be different at all, I am gonna use the same subjects and literature to reveal the truth.

In the book, Genesis and space-time, William Edwards cites that both science and bible share a common point in reference to the truth. The biblical God is characterized by truth and it is the pursuit of truth…

Surprise! Don’t crush your life in obedience to your original plan.

It is a common recipe for success that we have to be strong and stand against all the forces that try to push us away from original plan. Actually, many great authors including Napoleon Hill and Leroy BrownLow emphasize the value of persistence in achieving our plans or dreams. While this is the truth behind success, there is a lot of danger in any principle if common sense is not applied or say conscience and that is my concern today.

At times, you will have to change your plans and move onto a new route and still find peace and success.

When I left home for job searching in the beginnings of the year of 2014, my original plan was to work in Mbarara and even settle there if everything went well. However, as you know, I didn’t get my first job in Mbarara but Ibanda. 

For those who read my articles, we agreed that patience is simply waiting while doing something else. Also we have agreed in the article, the world waits for your orders, that we need to know exactly what we want and keep pr…

ANGER (Part 4): The 3 options that people use while handling anger.

In part one of the above great health topic, we discussed what anger meant and the general causes of anger. In part two, we looked at both the dangers and values of getting angry. In the 3rd part of it, we analyzed 10 things or behaviors that can make someone chronically angry if not checked and balanced out and in today’s part, we want to understand the best options in handling anger by analyzing the available 3 options as provided in the book, getting the best of your anger before it gets the best of you, by Dr. Les Carter. We have already discovered that anger is naturally part of us and we must use it lest it uses us. For this reason, today is your day to choose how to use it by studying well the 3 options available.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 34: Better make no promises than make them and never fulfill them.

The word contained in this chapter must have reached Jeremiah earlier before he was imprisoned. By this, we believe that the preceding chapters of 32 and 33 contain prophecy that came after today’s message. Some writers say that the year was 588 B.C and others say it was 589 B.C. Whateverthe period, it was in the last year of King Zedekiah’s reign and the enemy was already surrounding the city. The chapter opens up with description of the period in which the prophecy was delivered. King Nebuchadnezzar had gathered all the Babylonian army together with other army from states he had earlier captured and were under his rule and all were marching against the people of God (1-2).

My 26th birthday MESSAGE: The unforgettable party and happiness. Watch what you missed.

4th January 2015 was my 26th birthday. I enjoyed the celebrations with my Beloved wife Amulen Winfred and great friends like Rukundo Agnes, Mateka loise, Muhawe Edson, Mwumvaneza moses, Mucyinguzi Mollen, Mbonye simeo and my fiancee's sister Nakato. The day was beautiful. In accordance to what i promised you as the birthday message, i shared the value of birthday celebrations. This message is an extract from my book called THE 3 LOVES WE NEED. The photos included are of that day. Enjoy the message.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 33: I know what people are saying about your falling but I am making a new plan and promise for you, a promise of eternal happiness.

This chapter is part of the four chapters we earlier considered as a book of consolation. It is exactly a continuation of the preceding chapter and the message came to Jeremiah when he was still confined in the King’s palace. The Lord started by introducing Himself, who He was and what He was capable of (1-2). God doesn’t introduce Himself as humans do when they want people to recognize how strong they are, but as a confirmation of what people should believe about Him. Whether we know Him or not, He remains God and makes no loss. But what if we misquote Him? What if we fail to recognize His strength? We would be the ones to lose. For such reason and His love for us, He makes it a point to remind us who He is and what He is capable of doing for us.

New Year 2015 Message: Turning New Year's Resolutions Into Real Success. The Success Process!

At the beginning of 2014, we all confessed the faith that we should let God water and breathe life into our bones and whatever was broken. Centered on the famous Chapter 37 of Ezekiel, the New Year's message emphasized that our God was or is ready to make us better people in all aspects of life irrespective of the obstacles or frustrations we were to encounter. And yes, I stand and hope that you indeed saw God at work in this past year of 2014. Yes, me, i did see Him. Praise be to God. 

However, there must be a lot of programs that you pushed aside in the last year of 2014 simply because when you first thought about them, they weren’t easy and would possibly take a whole year (too long according to you) to be realized or simply would even never be realized. And so you let it all slip away! 

Surprisingly, the year ended and we are already in the New Year of 2015 and you must be regretting. Questio…

The goodness that carry no blessings: the one that happens out of trickery or force.

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