New Year 2015 Message: Turning New Year's Resolutions Into Real Success. The Success Process!

At the beginning of 2014, we all confessed the faith that we should let God water and breathe life into our bones and whatever was broken. Centered on the famous Chapter 37 of Ezekiel, the New Year's message emphasized that our God was or is ready to make us better people in all aspects of life irrespective of the obstacles or frustrations we were to encounter. And yes, I stand and hope that you indeed saw God at work in this past year of 2014. Yes, me, i did see Him. Praise be to God. 

However, there must be a lot of programs that you pushed aside in the last year of 2014 simply because when you first thought about them, they weren’t easy and would possibly take a whole year (too long according to you) to be realized or simply would even never be realized. And so you let it all slip away! 

Surprisingly, the year ended and we are already in the New Year of 2015 and you must be regretting. Questions like why you couldn’t carry on start lingering in your mind and you feel bad. However, there is no need to regret. The past year is gone and the New Year is another chance, and maybe you wouldn’t have it if everything happened in the past year, including your own death. 

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Just take it as if it was God’s will and move on without feeling guilty. Really? Not too fast. Seriously, you alone are the one to blame for the failures of 2014. Of course, that depends on what you call failures! All I know is that God's desire is for our success, and though we can't be successful outside his will, still we can't blame him for not succeeding. Yes, mysteries! 

What are we up to today, this new year? 

In the movie, IRIS, Baek San says to his son;

“No matter how soon you regret, it will always be too late” and I agree with this. However, I feel like it is not too late to understand what went wrong in the past and get ready to change it if a chance shows up again. They say that opportunities appear once but I say they appear always. Actually, the opportunities that we miss are possibly not ours. It is a new year and you can achieve even more. 

So today I have decided to share with you the five stages of success process and if applied will make your 2015 a year of harvesting. Of course, no guarantee here. You can only active something if God wills so and yet you must do something to achieve that which God willed for you! Mysteries again!

Back in the nursing school, we had a concept called the nursing process that we used to apply on patients and meet their needs. This process enabled us to manage patients with the best results assured. And though some would still end up dying (indeed some of your plans won't go through no matter what) we would be happy that we achieved what we planned or at least part of it.  

I am going to use the same approach to teach this the SUCCESS PROCESS.

The stages of SUCCESS process

For those who follow up with my writings, we have defined success as having your bread and then eating it (as cited by Zig Ziglar). We said that success is making your bed and having time to lie on it. Success means acquiring values and getting time to enjoy them. It is peace and happiness. Oh no, haven't we zigzagged a lot? Let's do with it once and for all; success is discovering your life purpose and living it. 

What is your life purpose? Seriously, don't even say it. It should be this; to glorify God. The difference is or should be in how we live our lives and not the end goal for living it that way. The end goals should be God's glory. What differs is how each one of us has been prepared to glorify God in living and carrying our different duties. Oh no, we have covered this and many related issues in our theological and quest column! 

The truth is that peace and happiness originate from within God Himself and it is in God that we can find true success. Because money, power or fame can help us enjoy peace, love and happiness doesn’t mean they are all that matter. 

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Here are the steps of the success process

1. Assessment (Deciding on your aims or goals).

    Hey, in the article, press your orders, we agreed that the world and the forces of nature are there simply to serve us according to our orders. We thus concluded that it is our duty to know what we want (which is easy to tell if we know who we are and what we deserve)

   Assessment is about examining who you are, what you need, and what you already have. 

You see, the good thing with having aims or goals is that we learn to concentrate our time, energy and resources on defined goals. Also, when we meet resistance along the way we are able to resist and maintain our balance since we have a defined destiny. 

Even when we fall off the track, we can fight to come back to it as long as we know where we were going the time we were attacked. Lastly, having goals or aims makes you achieve something no matter what. Listen, you may achieve less or higher than what you planned to achieve but still you achieve something and that is important to note.

    2. Diagnosis (telling exactly what problem you have or defining exactly your need).

I think we have already covered part of this. After assessing and observing your situation basing on what you know, what you see and what you hear plus your personal observations and experiences, you are able to tell what you need in this year. Reading good inspirational books and watching inspirational programs all help you in fashioning what is best for you. No, walk around your room or home and diagnose what you really have to put into place. 

Seriously, this is not a theological post, it's a motivational post. We are seriously looking how to materialize your new year's resolutions.

3. Planning.

The biggest challenge is putting up the means of achieving what you want. There is a mistake that we always do: We have a lot of things we would like to have but we rarely make strategic plans of how to acquire them. 

In the book, Think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill writes, “examine the first hundred people you meet, ask them what they want most in life, and ninety eight of them will not be able to tell you. If you press them for an answer, some will say-SECURITY, many will say MONEY, a few will say HAPPINESS, others will say-FAME AND POWER, and still others will say-social recognition, ease in living, ability to sing, dance or write, but none of them will be able to define these terms or give the slightest indication of a PLAN by which they hope to attain these vaguely expressed wishes."

These words have explained my point. If you want a car in this year, how do you plan to get it? What are you going to do in order to find money to buy it? Whatever you listed as your need in this year, make a plan of activities to make it come true.

4. Implementation.

Yesterday I was watching Bukedde Television, and a presenter shared a story about how he was helped to travel around the city by a bodaboda guy who was doing the job for the first time. 

This guy had got the motorcycle from parents but because he didn’t know how to ride it, the older brother wanted to take it away from him. What the guy did at the end was to go to the street and learn it by carrying some passengers and the Bukedde presenter happened to be the first client. The lesson out of this was that there is always the first time of starting up your dream or your planned activity and we must do it.

Yeah, after planning every activity, you need to do it. Don’t fear, do it. You may have it rough as you begin but you will soon get used and learn methods to make it simple and achieve greater results. If you have a good assessment, good diagnosis of what you need and good planning but don’t work on the plan, the results will still be nil.

5. Evaluation.

Here, you simply look back and grade your desired plan and see if everything is happening according to your desired outcomes. You can do this at the end of the year or in the middle and see if you can change something in your planned activities or goals. Sometimes, you may have to push some goals into another year till you achieve them. And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements and have fun because it gives morale and enthusiasm to plan and achieve more. 

NB: Very important

The above can only work if God wills so. We plan and identify the things we need, but it's the Lord that makes plans materialize. Listen, one way to involve God is to start with him and move with Him throughout the process. For example, in assessing who you are and what you really need, God should be your guide. In defining exactly what you need, God should reveal that to you. Most of the times we don't succeed because the things we are chasing are simply not in God's already designed plan or will. In planning, implementing, evaluating your New Year's resolutions, you need God close. Don't forget this; it's should only be about God!

God Bless You and Happy New Year.

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