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You are planting a bomb for yourself by becoming too good

You see, I want all of us to pay attention to this message for it is very delicate. It is the bible’s teaching and even that of the society that we should try to be good and cope up with everyone and this is the truth. However, I want us to realize that when doing well to others irrespective of whatever consequences and it has become our number one priority, then we are no longer doing well with control but have left self-esteem and giving in ourselves hoping to make it work out. In that case, we are servants and bonded to serving others and the world without considering ourselves which is not different from total self-destruction.

The kind of savings that will screw your life: Saving at the cost of your basic needs.

There is a friend of mine, he lives in Mbarara. This guy works and gets about 100,000 shillings daily as allowance and about 500,000 shillings monthly salary. I really don’t know if he keeps his money in the bank but I doubt that for he always had about a million in his pocket. He lives in a small old room where he pays about 40,000 shillings as rent. I lived in his room for 3 weeks and I am telling what I observed with my eyes. There are only 3 small plates, about 2 spoons. No radio, television or any good phone inside his house so he can read or get access to news or music. He works Monday to Sunday and comes home at 5pm with waragi (the cheap and yet strong alcohol) as his drink. The daily meal is matooke and beans (from Monday to Sunday).

JEREMIAH 36: It is not us but God who makes things happen

At the beginning of this book, we tried to understand the last five kings of Judah and the exact years of their rule. King Josiah took over from King Amon (who had taken over from King Manasseh-the son of Hezekiah). It is portrayed by the bible and history that Manasseh and Amon had dragged Judah down in matters of worship and when Josiah took over the throne, Judah was already a rotten nation. Josiah who started his reign in 640-609 and ruled for 31 years started his great agenda of reformation in about his eighteenth year of kingship (2 Kings 22) and Jeremiah who began his job in 13th year of this King’s rule became a great part of this reformation. King Josiah was killed by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt and buried home in his ancestor’s tombs (2 Kings 23:29-30) and his son Jehoahaz was appointed by people as the King. However, after only 3 months, this son was dethroned and taken captive by Neco to Egypt where he lived and met his death too. Pharaoh Neco put another Josiah’s son, Eliakim (…

JEREMIAH 35: It’s not their signature but God’s that makes us through. Respect God.

The challenge in the book of Jeremiah as we had earlier noted is the unchronological arrangement of his chapters but the message is really arranged. In these ends of the kingdom in times of Zedekiah, Jeremiah brings back the times of King Jehoiakim about 18 years back (609-597 BC) when the event described in the chapter happened. As observed by the writers of Wiersbe Bible commentary,

There can be giving without loving though there can’t be love without giving

Thousands of people in relationships and those who are threatening to enter some have consistently asked how to prove that someone really loves you. In trying to answer this question, thousands of authors, philosophers and great thinkers have come to simplify it that love can be read in actions, gestures, language and words. For all these years, there has been no any other way of proving that someone really loves you apart from reading their moves and actions.
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