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Talk and get tired while we move on

You see, in Uganda, people will talk and talk about a new happening but after only one week, they will have forgotten. Actually, there is a book that i read about why we should not be bothered by what people talk about us and it reminded us that people have a lot on their mind and our life or lives is not gonna occupy their minds for long. So while you may see a group of people and think they are talking about you, they actually be doing a totally different story. My friend Mercellitta told me a story about a guy who finally avoided going for football matches simply because he used to think they are talking about him every time the players converged together as a group. That is a disease.

Jeremiah chapter 39: The poorest who owned nothing became the owners of vineyards & fields

Oh yeah, in our today`s word, we read how Jerusalem was captured and burned down by Babylonian army under the kingship of Nebuchadnezzar. The attack started in the ninety year of Zedekiah as a king of Judah and lasted for about two years. This somehow signifies that Judah was not such an easy nation to attack and capture just in a day. However, since God via the prophet had said that the war would end in favor of Babylon, Judah finally lost to its enemy (verses 1-3). This simply teaches us that what we think can be our areas of refuge will finally collapse unless Jesus is allowed and accepted as our true refuge.

The ordering doctor and dancing nurses: What happens when we upgrade.

There is this doctor on ward who can`t do anything for himself. I am sure in class they taught him something to do with ordering and a nurse implementing the orders and he thought this applies to everything. Shit. These sisters you see on ward have got husbands and men they love and thus serve and if you think you can easily take up such positions because you are a doctor, then you are prone to be ashamed.

The demonstrations: Having a productive strike (6 proven things to consider)

All demonstrations and strikes have a cause and usually a genuine one. Remembering my years in secondary school and high school, i have all the reasons up to now to believe that we had all the reasons (genuine) to talk or complai! How we did it is still a debate going on in my minds. Was the strike the best way to go? Maybe not or maybe yes. However, if staging a strike finally appears as the way, what are the things to consider first? 

So today i want to share with you what to aim at during the strike or demonstration. 

Usually, these words are different with strike usually resulting in destruction of items and people though demonstration results in the same ends too sometimes. Anyway, the next time you indulge in striking just like Makerere students, Kyambogo guys or Mutolere boys or the latest demonstration of non-paid nurses of Mulago hospital, bear the following in your mind.

So how do you treat a woman who is falling out of love

You see, i believe there are always reasons why a woman might want to drop out and usually they are serious ones compared to those that make men drop out of relationships. Usually, women delay to say yes to  men but when they finally do, they really mean it. This is different with men who quickly fall for women only to realize after two days that it was not the right woman to go for.This simple introduction brings us to the question as to why a woman might want to drop out and what to do about it.

A job for human activists and lawyers: `VIP words should be erased`-Nemvicx

You see, we have used the above words, "Very Important Person" very often but now i feel they are the greatest crime we have ever committed to humanity. Every person whether rich or poor, tall or short, educated or non-educated, young or old is very important in front of others and in front of God. It is very corrupting to call some people as important because their social class is high or their education level is higher. A person who is constantly referred to as the very important one will always carry that picture in his mind and will unconsciously find himself undermining the lives of others. Also, a person who has never been called a VIP will automatically and gradually lose self-esteem or self-value which is very detrimental to good living.

Health tips: Nose bleeds and what you may do to go through them

Thousands of conditions can lead to bleeding in the nose. Usually, the capillaries within the nose are among the most fragile ones and thus prone to bleeding even on easy injury. While many people consider nose bleeding as a simple and common situation, most of the nose bleeds portray a bigger medical condition which if not attended to in time may precipitate someones`s death at some time. It is thus important to consider visiting a doctor in case you have recurrent nose bleeding.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 38: The good samaritan of old testament-Ebed-Melech.

It was just in the last chapter that we discussed the enemies of the prophet and how they threw him into a dungeon only to be rescued by the king (Chapter 37). In today`s chapter, we read about four of the king`s officers planning another attack on the prophet. They accused Jeremiah of discouraging the miltary situation of Judah by his gospel of surrender and live. Yeah, in the previous chapter he had been accused of turning his back on the country (treason) and now another mistake is forced onto him (verses 1-3). For the above reason, they deducted that Jeremiah deserved death (verse 4). When the devil attacks us and we escape the trap, he prepares for another day in either a similar way or a different trap, get ready all the time.

Is it true that drinking alcohol is a sin?

Oh yeah, this has been an amazing question over years. The fact is that the bible has a lot of verses condemning the use of alcohol. For example Leviticus 10:9, Numbers 6:3, Deut 29:6, Judges 13:4, Prov 20:1 and Isaiah 5:11. The challenge is that there is a need to analyze the meaning of these verses, when they were said and to who. Also, the same bible has verses that embrace alcohol. For example, Psalms 104:14-15, Ecclesiastes 9:7, Amos 9:14 and  Isaiah 55:1. These verses talk about alcohol as a blessing and source of gladness to the heart. Don`t forget that Timothy was advised to take alcohol by apostle Paul so he could be okay from health problems.

Why hold onto people who don`t value you anymore?

You see, you must be working yourself to convince some people that you are really good. Unfortunately, the more you try to please them, the more mistakes you make and look even more ugly than before. This is a sickness that can bring doom not only to your body but to your soul too. Actually, many people are just there waiting to find a vulnerable person like you to exploit for their own intentions. Yeah, it is important to try to improve and be nice as people expect but unhealthy practice of this virtue could be the only demon demolishing you.

Health tips: The four life-threatening errors to diabetics

Usually, everything to do with diabetes means high sugar levels in blood. This conception is not only to general public but even to some health workers. However, it is important to know that a person who is diabetic may either be experiencing hyperglycaemia-high sugars or hypoglycaemia-low sugars. During the management of diabetics, about 4 errors can easily be made and antagonise the life of the patient.

Another observation: Is family planning a sin?

The church and so many church leaders have already portrayed beyond doubt that family planning is sin with a reason that it tries to tamper with God’s will by limiting the gift of children. The Roman Catholic, for example, has for a long time prosecuted young women who practiced family planning. Even Catholic based hospitals have for a long time been refusing to offer these services to people until of recent when they have been convinced of the dangers behind their belief. However, it is a general belief in almost all churches that family planning is a sin. I, myself, grew up with this belief but I now see the light. Without wasting time, let us go straight to the point: Family planning is not a sin.

JEREMIAH CHAPTER 37:It is a risky thing to fear the eyes of men when deciding for your own life

In this chapter, we have another message delivered to us today. A story is brought back how King Zedekiah had taken over after the real son of Jehoiakim had been dethroned by Babylon. Remember that Zedekiah was a direct son of King Josiah and thus an uncle to King Jehoiachin. But as the previous chapters continued telling us, neither Zedekiah nor his officials nor his people obeyed the Lord (verses 1-2). Some writers say that King Jehoiakim was wicked but his people were not and that King Zedekiah was not as wicked as his people but the text here makes it clear that the people, the King and all the officials were not any good. However, according to my observations, King Jehoiakim was far worse than King Zedekiah when it came to being disobedient (maybe the difference in their punishments portrays this too).
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