Health tips: The four life-threatening errors to diabetics

Usually, everything to do with diabetes means high sugar levels in blood. This conception is not only to general public but even to some health workers. However, it is important to know that a person who is diabetic may either be experiencing hyperglycaemia-high sugars or hypoglycaemia-low sugars. During the management of diabetics, about 4 errors can easily be made and antagonise the life of the patient.

1. Over-rehydration. Usually, fluids are important to patients having too much sugars in blood. However, this does not mean carelessly giving fluids and a lot of it cannot also cause problems. Patients should be examined and re-assessed to analyse the need for fluids

2. Giving insulin when food is not on table. Hypoglycaemia is more dangerous than hyperglycaemia. Before you inject yourself with the insulin, be sure you have food and is close to you

3. Telling a patient to stop eating carbohydrates. Yeah, diabetics have to reduce on the intake of energy-giving foods like posho, rice, yams and others. However, almost all foods have carbohydrates and telling a patient not to take them is simply saying DO NOT EAT and all of you can easily guess what happens when we do not eat.

4. Concentrating on the patient taking her injections daily instaed on measuring her sugars daily. Patients end up injecting theselves when sugars are already down. The acute lowering of sugars that follows automatically takes them out.

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