Health tips: Nose bleeds and what you may do to go through them

Thousands of conditions can lead to bleeding in the nose. Usually, the capillaries within the nose are among the most fragile ones and thus prone to bleeding even on easy injury. While many people consider nose bleeding as a simple and common situation, most of the nose bleeds portray a bigger medical condition which if not attended to in time may precipitate someones`s death at some time. It is thus important to consider visiting a doctor in case you have recurrent nose bleeding.

However, before we can jump to a level of you seeking a doctor due to nose bleeds, you must know simple procedures to do to help yourself or your friend in case of nose bleeding. You are likely to have nose bleeds due to high blood pressure, trauma, blood disorders or even fever and other problems. The first thing to do when you get nose bleeding is to stop whatever you were doing and reside aside and calm down. This is important since continued activity facilitates blood flow.

The next thing is to clean your hands if you are near water (i mean, at home) but this may not be necessary if you are in a busy and unhelpful place. The focus is to stop bleeding and so everything you do should be to make your goal come true. Use your clean or unclean fingers (the thumb and the first strong finger) and pinch or hold or compress your nose that blood can no longer ooze out. Usually, we pinch for about 10 or more seconds and release and repeat the process again and again till we achieve the goal. During this procedure, you are to breathe via the mouth. It is important to know that this method can`t be used on babies since they do not usually breathe via the mouth.

If blood does not stop, get a clean clothe (hand kerchief in your case since you may be caught without any other clothe) and try to close your nose with it. Apply great pressure as you press the clothe on your nose. Remember, both this method and the above aim at applying pressure by compressing the blood vessels and thus facilitating blood clotting. Many people quickly wash themselves with water but this may be dangerous since clotting is constantly disturbed and blood continues to escape.

The next step could be to use a simple vasoconstrictor like adrenaline or any other herb that is know to constrict blood vessels. Usually, the drug is distributed or sprayed into the clothe or the gauze swabs that are going to be inserted into the nose. The drug constricts blood vessels within the nose and thus bleeding stops.

People who fail to respond to any of the above options deserve to see a doctor so more medical and surgical approaches can be employed. Remember to visit a doctor if you have recurrent nose bleeds. For questions and advice on health issues, write to us on

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