Haunting Truth in Christian Dating: The Physical Beauty Of a Woman Is Your Number One Factor Before Everything Else!

Hey there, 

I know this article is gonna blow your mind but I have nothing to do but to share the truth! 

You see, thousands of people, probably including your pastor, parent or councilor have claimed that the physical beauty of a woman is not so important when it comes to choosing a partner, I mean a right partner, but I claim the opposite!

Surprised?  Yeah, you can be. And I am happy to tell you that this is what makes me unique and fit for you in relation to Christian dating, love and relationships; I share the truth and facts and show you how to live in freedom that only truth can give.

The problem with counselors and motivational speakers is that they do not want to say things the way they are and then help people handle them successfully.

Back to our point

The fact is that every man who has a wife looked at her beauty first before he even considered any other thing but when these same men are advising other young non-married men, they always do not want to tell the truth.

They think it is embarrassing or not correct and yet it is the same thing that was magic to them! 

I think you should not be surprised because this trait is common in our Christian world; people are afraid of admitting the exact truth but want to use impressive or I wanna say, appropriate words and illustrations. 

They will, instead, say that a woman is measured by character and her wisdom to carry on with home issues. They will add that a woman is good if she is a Christian, hard working, respects elders and is generally very obedient; that is the woman for you. And I ask; really, are you gonna miss physical beauty as your factor? 

Anyway, I am sure these young men end up looking at beauty still and the confusion remains. Today, I am writing from the bottom of my heart and telling the naked truth.

A woman’s respect and power is her physical beauty. Whether we agree or disagree, we all will first consider the beauty of a woman before we can investigate her manners or her knowledge.

A woman with other qualities but without physical beauty is likely to go un-noticed since she doesn’t have the chance to present herself. 

Someone was saying that he won’t consider beauty since women who are beautiful and charming are usually ill-mannered and brainless (fools).

I strongly disagree with this blind observation. There are thousands of ugly ladies who are neither well behaved nor wise and there are also thousands of beautiful women who know what they want, well behaved and wise.

Yeah, you may be unfortunate and land on a beautiful woman who has stupid manners but this gives you no right to define our beautiful wives in that angle.

And do not ask me what beauty is exactly; I am simply meaning the beauty of a woman physically in the eyes of the lover: Her size, her nose, her eyes and the face, her movements, the breasts and all that people call beauty of a woman. Beauty is not a new word, not even to God; the bible is full of words expressing the beauty of a woman especially in the Solomon’s book, the Song of Songs.

Eeeh did you come across the description of Rebekah (Isaac's wife) in relation to beauty; she was pretty (Genesis 24:16).

So the next time you want to look for a partner, know that beauty is your number one factor and the rest follows.

Oh am I so misleading? Let me explain. Usually, when you meet a lady, her physical beauty catches you and then your attention is driven to focus and consider her other qualities; her smile, her behavior, her respecting others and so on. I just want you not to pretend that what caught you first was hearing that she is a Christian; it was her beauty, her physical beauty! 

I know your arguments: Eeeh, a woman should be God loving. With good characters, very wise and hard working, self reliant and loving but this is just theory for none of you looks at that as the first thing during the practical search of a woman. Now that is an accusation!

Even in church, we notice ladies by their beauty; how they rock on the dance floor, their singing and how they are moving or speaking or smiling. After getting captured with that physical appearance, we go ahead and do the rest of the investigations. That is what exactly happens and it is what you do or actually shall do.

So stop your arguments that are naked lies!


A woman is defined immediately and fast by her physical body and outside appearances and not the wisdom or her character make-up. And if you dare bring in an ugly woman expecting good manners and brains to be automatically part of her, you are going to lose both sides. You will simply end up with an ugly girl with dirty manners and cold brains.

And this is for ladies; your beauty is your power. Your physical beauty attracts people and diverts their attention to you. It is up to you to know how or what to do to make use of that attention. So many beautiful ladies have misused their beauty but I want to think it is because they don't understand the potential in that physical beauty. 

Physical beauty accompanied by great manners and God fearing can make any woman climb any wall to her great desires and destiny. Mark that; your physical beauty is a great gift and thus should be used in honor of God who gave it to you. 

I am blessed I got her (Amulen Winfred), with the angel-like beauty and dazzling brains alongside sweet manners. I pray that you find one too.

God bless you

The Complete You Ministry, www.nemvicx.com

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