Is There Untimely Death? Between God & Satan, Who is responsible for Death?

God And Satan, Sin And Righteous, Death and Life; the truth now! 

Untimely death, who is responsible? 
So many times we have lost our friends in seemingly untimely manners. Someone was just 28, after completion of her degree and acquisition of a job and maybe had recently married a handsome man only to die in a motor accident few days after all those events. 

Some die one night before their wedding days. Some die young, and others very old. To us, all this is unfair and untimely for it leaves so much hanged. And everyone wonders if there are accidental deaths! Today, I am gonna try to answer this question with some bible references. 

For this reason, you may not waste any time reading this if you do not believe in the bible for you won’t be helped.

First, death is, according to the bible, sleep (John 11:11). More than fifty times, the bible refers death to sleep (simply being totally unconscious and unaware of whatever is going in or around you). 

When we read Genesis about the source of life, we find that man was made out of dust and a breath of life provided by God (Genesis 2:7). When we die, it simply means God takes away His breath of life and the dust returns to dust.

Job observed the same theology when he realized that God had given him the children and Him alone was taking them away (Job 1:21). The deduction here is that God is all-powerful and He has control over everything, including our living or dying. God knows the future, the time of our death, the kind of death and everything (Matthew 6:8, Psalm 139:1-16 Colosians 1:16-17, Daniel 4:35).

The above few quotations or observations make it clear that from God’s perspective, there is no untimely death and every death happens at its right time and by non-surprise means. 

From the story of talents to the story of a man who paid the same amount of money to workers who had entered the garden at different time intervals, God is teaching us that it does not matter the years or the talent we were give or we live, but how we use the time or the talents. 

And the bible confirms that he who was given much will be asked much and the reverse is true for the one who was given little. 

Whether we die young or old, it is timely with God and He expects us to have completed our different assignments. 

Also, since the bible says that a thousand years to us may be 1 day to the Lord and the vise versa and we do not know when He chooses to call a day a thousand years or a thousand years a day, then it is possible that a baby who is one day old might have accomplished his or her assignment for about a thousand years according to God.

FrombPhilosophy and from our perspective, there is untimely death and measures should be taken to guard against this. During the Apology piece by the greater philosopher Socrates, he is noted recognizing people who would question his wisdom when he embarked on a response to his accusations that called for untimely death. 

Socrates believed that indeed his manner or answers would call for his execution but trusted to die a honorable man than live with no virtues. In his words, “Someone will say: And are you not ashamed, Socrates, of course of life which is likely to bring you to untimely end? To him I may fairly answer: a man who is good for anything ought not to calculate the chance of living or dying; he ought only consider whether in doing anything he is doing right or wrong-acting the part of a good man of a bad”. 

His philosophy (Socrates) is exactly Budha’s who also believed that death was real and inevitable and thus man should indulge in doing the best and serving the soul than the pleasures and attitudes of the world.

So if, according to God, there is no untimely death and, according to us and philosophy, death can be untimely, what is next and who is really responsible for death? 

Who brings death? 

Simply speaking, devil is the father of sin and sin causes death. Even the physical death we see was a result of sin. Our job is to work in the will of God. Let us look at three biblical examples and see if we will understand this. 

One is in 2 Samuel chapter 12 (King David stands before the Lord in prayer asking God to spare his son but in vain for the son still dies despite all his efforts in beseeching God). Another one is in Isaiah chapter 38 (King Hezekiah is instructed to prepare himself for death is around the corner. He prays to God and asks for more years and God grants the guy what he wants). The last insight is in Philipians 1:22-24 (St Paul confesses that he really has no choice whether to die or live. Actually, he adds that he would enjoy dying and leave troubles of the world but at the same realizes that his brothers still need him and so he lets the choice with God).

In the above examples, we simply learn that God is the over-all controller of life and death but we must recognize the impact of our daily choices, requests, and behaviors. 

If a person drives carelessly and makes an accident, it is significant to observe that he has not taken responsibility and thus brought untimely death (in our perspective) to himself. If a person smokes a lot and takes alcohol and finally gets lung cancer, this person is responsible for accelerating his death or deciding the way of his death. In everyday life, we must guard life with all that is at our exposure till we can’t save it anymore. This is what God expects from us: To do our part and leave the final signature with Him.

It is unwise to stand at burial and accuse God; "God is the one who gives us and at the same time takes away. Yes, He had given us this so and so and He had decided to see him dead and so it has happened". Really! Are you saying that God, just like the thief or devil in John 10:10, came to kill and destroy too? Are you referring to some other kind of death and not of body and spirit? 

When someone dies, Satan has killed that person though God could not stop the Death. Yes, God does not stop us from dying simply because of two reasons or even more; 

1. Our death does not interfere with His plan for us or others; He can actually use our death to still enlarge His purpose for His Kingdom and people. 

2. He is not responsible for Death and thus it is still not His job to stop it. In other words, God's righteousness, mercy and love cannot be questioned because someone has died. 

3. More other reasons are best known to Him or even other people. But to stand on your two legs and convince people that God has killed someone is an accusation,  a false and delicate one. God wants us to live always, or at least it is what He ever wanted, but then we thwarted the plan. Thank God He still had a way in place to buy us out. 

Yes, when we die, Satan and Sin and ourselves have participated in one way or the other and God is innocently taking care of the moments for the best of us all. 

About untimely death

So yes there is untimely death in our perspective but there is no untimely death in God’s perspective. Death is inevitable but is under God’s or omnipotent control; our duty is to understand God’s direction and follow the rules. 

The only way is our free will, our choices, actions, and beliefs and our errors or negligence in these areas is our responsibility. This same kind of reasoning can help us understand who was guilty of Christ’s death.

Finally, there are so many questions that we may never be able to answer but that is never a crime. God’s knowledge and how he combines different principles is too vast to be comprehended by man (Deuteronomy 29:29, Romans 11:33-36). But thanks to Him that He won’t ask more than what He gave or rightly expected from us.

God bless you

Nemvicx CEO @ The Complete You Ministry

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