What is not happening in Makerere? The school that once carried Ugandan light now practices darkness

When Makerere university was having strikes, i wrote a good article advising them on how to go about it. So many of you liked the article especially Caesar and really agreed with me that this university has lost its identity and is full of hooligans. Just yesterday, a fellow graduate was killed on fake accusations in cold blood or mob justice and you want to again say that Makerere university deserves honour. No, i do not know why people are never straight. Makerere has lost its glory and it no longer gives a meaning to hear that somone is studying from there.

You see, i always tell you that the development of a country can as well be measured by sampling its high structures like hospitals, schools, head quarters of different ministries. If these high structures are barbaric, then the country is even worse in villages.

By looking at the conditions, kind of life, the studying and everything at Makerere, the higher university in the country, then be assured the whole education system in the nation is rotten. If you consider the conditions and struggles at Mulago National referral hospital, then be assured the whole country's health system is jeorpadised.

Anyway, my point is that Makerere university is off the line now and the cause must be elliminated. It may be in its administration, its students or in the government education and political systems but must be checked and rectified. I am sure it is not that all of its students or dwellers are all lost but one bad girl spoils the name of the rest.

And the last time you are in public or asking for a job, always hesitate to say you studied from that institution unless it is unavoidable or you are forced to say it. Otherwise, the other bu chicks or bu guys who think people will bow at their mention of makerere, your time is over. Heard?


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