Why there is persecution of foreigners in South Africa?

I happened to read Ivan Okuda`s post today about this current story where by the South African people have taken it in their hands to chase all the foreigners and there are so many angles which he pointed out that I still trust are true. Actually, the latest news has shown so many of the foreigners being burnt alive despite the police’s efforts to calm down the violence. You see, there is one thing that most leaders forget as soon as they join power: That people have great power even stronger that metal weapons. What am I saying? The day people become fully fed up with a certain manner, be sure they will change it no matter what.
For those who have had a chance to study history, you really know how the people of South Africa suffered under the rule of foreigners. Yes, they were whites that time but there is no big difference, they were simply non South Africans. In those times of apartheid policy, many people died, lost jobs, and suffered to their bones. Good luck was with them, Leaders like Nelson Mandela delivered them. So the today’s president or leaders of South Africa seem to have forgotten that history or fail to recognize the moves that finally broke down the apartheid policy and joke around hungry stomachs.

You all know the proverb that a hungry man is an angry one. How do you expect people with such a history, a greater influx of foreigners into their country, higher negligence by their leadership, and so many other troubles to calm down amidst ever increasing foreigners? Who Knows? What if it is apartheid policy coming back in disguise? Listen, I am not justifying their acts; I am simply stating the facts.

Prevention is better than cure. By the time people become violent like I am seeing them, they have lost their minds due to the hard life they are living. You see, whenever we look at a TV, we harshly condemn the one killing but we rarely ask why he is doing so. Did you watch the movie called THE PUNISHER? In this movie, a man is attacked while having an outing with his family, grand parents, children and grand children. All of his relatives are killed in his eyes including smiling children.

What happens next? He builds anger, increases his killing skills only to revenge. Sometimes, we think that revenge is entirely a sin. No, there is much to understand about revenge and what God speaks about it but do not treat people anyhow because you expect them not to revenge on you. There is a political or general catastrophe that the people of South Africa must be meeting and it should be addressed but not dodged.

Finally, the killing and doing all sorts of destruction to foreigners is not justified by any reason and whoever is involved in it is sinning against God and against public law and thus must be responsible. Sorry to all Ugandans and other foreigners experiencing the angry faces in South Africa. And Uganda has a lot to learn from this. There is so much going on in our systems. People have complained in vain, people are being compressed against walls and you, our leaders are seeing and you have what to do but you do not want to. So when the worst happens, do not pretend. Just know that we are all responsible for whatever happens to our world, pointing fingers will never work.


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