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So why do men get attracted to ask for a lady's contact?

You see, there is longing, i mean a divine desire within every normal being to have love and affection from an opposite sex. No matter how hard you conceal it, it is within you and if you do not find the means of satisfying that desire in the right way, then you won't escape the consequences. Whenever a man meets or sits besides a beautiful woman in a taxi, in the church, and at school, there is supernatural connection between the souls of these two, even though few rarely notices that.

Why girls should not be blamed for eating men's money: They eat what we present.

Eeeeeh i have been thinking about this for a long time. Actually, i have heard many stories of men cursing ladies who chewed their money. And most of these ladies just walk away after eating your buffes, travelling in your car, withdrawing from your ATM, and eh finishing off your money. And i am wondering how women or girls do it. The truth is i have never fallen victim of such girls for so many reasons, but i  do not want any of you to say that it is because i do not have enough money for even those poorer than me have been detoothed.

Sometimes luck is what you only need: Life has no formula.

The other day we went for government job interviews, we were in thousands and i remember i gave you the overview of pictures. That was written one and another day we went for oral and we were still in hundreds. What do you think will probably make me or someone else go through? To a bigger part, it is just Luck!

What is luck? Simply, it is when things happen out of blue (you have no clue about them happening). Even though there is bad and good luck, it is easy to always take it positive whenever someone wishes you luck, something negative should carry another word but not luck.

Anyway, what is my point today?

Church hopping: What's wrong with it?

Church hopping is a condition or a situation where by a person is fond of moving from one church to another. Simply, it is changing churches. Usually, many people do not know exactly what God says about this and somehow we find ourselves calling such people who change churches as sinners and which could be true in some situations. So what exactly is good or bad about changing your current church and join another one?

What do you do when none is seeing you? That is the True YOU

It is not your sin alone, you are not the only pretender, your sin is shared by us all, but that does not make you right. We have grown up in societies, schools, even in churches code of conduct and we all try to mold ourselves into the most pleasing creature there can be. Yeah, some try hard and others do not try hard but everyone even the most careless individual behaves differently when he is alone.

5 very important life practices that people undermine & miss out.

1. Birthday celebrations.
Unfortunately so many people out there still do not celebrate their birthdays but i think it is not good. Since we all celebrate the new years day, it is even better if we celebrated our birthdays. There are thousands of reason why this is important. First, you are reminded that you are growing. Secondly, you get time to thank God, parents, people and friends for being there for you and also you plan more things to accomplish. It is one of most important occasions of your life to remember with honor the day you were born.

Why you shouldn't quit: Things won't get better.

I watched an adventurous movie called The Lord Of Rings. In this movie, fate dictates on some young men from the middle earth( The hobbits) who are forced by the situation to destroy a dangerous evil ring that was soon destroying their lives. The journey to Mt. Doom where the ring was to be destroyed was one of the toughest, tier e and dangerous one. Hunger, hatred, tiredness, betrayals, evil and true friendship, deception, lack, sickness, and all sorts of troubles characterised the journey.

The dangerous business ties you should be aware of

There is a thing I have learn from many entrepreneurs out here, they are available when marketing their own products but not yours. And eh is that a sin? Of course not. After all, you have to only pay attention to deals that benefit you only. The problem will arise if you confuse them with your friends. There are people who will answer your instant messages asking them about their products, but the day you will ask if you can bring in your own products, the message will remain unanswered for years. That is the world. The world of entrepreneurship is full of deception and forging and you really have to be careful.

The love making that will transform you: The one with your true lover

While so many writers have stressed the value of having sex in social-economic transformations, few have been clear on what kind of sex. Actually, sex is a great motivator in our today's renovations and innovations but which kind of sex (I mean with who?). So most of novel writers, bloggers, journalists, entertainers, singers, and others have almost turned out to be prostitutes in the name of life changing sex, is that what you teach?

The culture that is not worth saving

You see, there is a huge trouble with the cultural societies in Uganda and poverty partly is due to these cultural norms. Really, if a culture is not helping you in any way for your good living, why keep it? If a culture is just limiting your expansion and modernization, why hold onto it? Have you heard of female circumcision in Bagisu mbu it is culture?

The Game Of Thrones lesson four: When money & power is your sailor, even your children or parents will be a sacrifice.

Have you ever watched the richest and admire to be like them? Have you ever admired to be the president or the minister? How about this, have you ever heard of fathers killing or betraying their children? Do you recognize the daily news where young men cut their mothers into parts so they can take the home property and buy motorcycles? Yes, I have and you have. Unfortunately, we may never be the above people we admire for somehow they might have sacrificed more than we are able to sacrifice; I am talking about their children, their parents and friends. I am not saying that the leaders and rich men we see have all given up their ‘loved’ in exchange, I am simply saying that some have. And how do you expect to quickly be like them if you are still a slave of love and humanity? Anyway, better stay where you are.

The Game of Thrones lesson three: When people rejoice at burrial!

Have you ever wondered why people might celebrate the death of somebody? And do you think it is entirely devilish to feel a kind of joy and relief when someone dies or meets a calamity? By the way, do you remember the celebrations of Israelites at the death of Goliath? How about the woman who was raised by St. Peter simply because she had made a lot of clothing for people while still alive? Anyway, it is possible that people can rejoice and celebrate the death of their king, leader, manager, parent or you. And it is possible that people can be hurt by your death or their king and have grief. And the unusual part of this, it may as well be morally upright.

The game of thrones lesson two: The harvest from free people

People are likely to work with you are and very well if they free than if they are under the rules and punishments. Usually, leading people should be working with them. When you enslave people and forcefully make them work for you, there are no blessings and your business does not expand. Most political leaders who put on a dangerous face and start controlling people by scary punishments and death have lost their power and trust in people and thus are scared that free people will run away. But I ask, why should it reach at that point of when people become free, they run away instead of following you?

Is fair for every woman to only think of conning, dating, love and sex every time a man asks for a moment?

So i text this lady and inform her of my visiting her office, and she starts questioning me why i need to know her office's location, and what do i want to discuss with her? In response, i send her back my profile picture bearing the beauty of a woman i love and tell her, "Listen,what is wrong with your thinking lady? By the way, who told you i am conning or coming to date you?Have a look at my Facebook and whats-app profile picture and see the beauty of a woman of life who i love so much and thus stop your stupid speculations and start talking business for you and your boss's sake". Few minutes later, she whatsapped me a lot of apologizing messages and i did not reply. She called on my phone and i never picked her up. Finally, her message was, "I am sorry i was wrong. Been trying to call you but you would not pick".  I have already transferred my deal to another office and it is really promising

The education price in Uganda is scary despite its poor dividends. School fees!

Guys, post graduate course in bachelors of nursing at Agh Khan university costs about 8 million shillings as tuition fee only minus other costs per semester. Guys, is this worth of what that institution looks like or even what it offers? Me, i think there is a lot of exploitation in Education system. Really, how do i pay 10 millions in a semester just for bachelors in nursing when i am studying for only two days in a week, doing assignments with my costs, having meals at my house and for fixing transport? Any you again say, that Uganda education system is people-centered?

The game of thrones: Lesson 1. When the need for freedom is ineveitable, then you have it

Hello friends, now here is the lesson number one out of THE GAME OF THRONES. No matter how powerful and fierce you present, your power will collapse and most likely in the worst manner available. And then what? Those who have been your slaves will enjoy freedom again. I am sure all of your minds have now shifted to Museveni who you are sick of these days and you think he is the one I am talking about, wrong. I am talking about you exactly and me. There are small things, little talents, few friends or little money that we get and use it to rule over the desires or interests of others, we are as sinful as any world tyrant known. You see, people do not have freedom because they do not really need it. Maybe they are scared of revolting or they are cowards enough who do not know their rights and thus do not feel the exact pain of what they go through. But when the day comes and their need for freedom becomes inevitable, when your manners and behaviors are too much to be tolerated anymore,…

Women: Once you do them a favor, you must do it always.

For almost all women, it is likely that once you do her any favor, you must do it always. okay, what i am saying is that if you are not ready to do a certain thing for a woman for long ( i mean forever), then it is safe that you never start it or do it the first time. Once you do it, she expects you to do it always and the day you fail, you are her enemy

The destroyer of the business: The toughness or roughness in you, the manager or leader.

Listen, if you want to have honest workers or followers, and then better be one. And if you read my article yesterday about forgiveness, then you already know that your workers deserve forgiveness just as you do. Your workers will report to you every move within their operating areas once they trust that you are an honest man and merciful when needed. Actually, there are some of you, managers who are rude as a means to protect your corporate or tools, but I think that is a wrong way to do that. When people get annoyed with you or do not like you at all, they can always find a way of pulling down your company despite your roughness.
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