5 very important life practices that people undermine & miss out.

1. Birthday celebrations.
Unfortunately so many people out there still do not celebrate their birthdays but i think it is not good. Since we all celebrate the new years day, it is even better if we celebrated our birthdays. There are thousands of reason why this is important. First, you are reminded that you are growing. Secondly, you get time to thank God, parents, people and friends for being there for you and also you plan more things to accomplish. It is one of most important occasions of your life to remember with honor the day you were born.
Actually, in the past when i was still young, l would make friends today and lose them the next day and i would not mind finding my lost friends as long as i met new exciting people. But today, i value all my friends and try hard not to lose them. Unfortunately, some people do not value their friends enough. I want you to know that good relationships are important for your success.

3. Girlfriend or wife/ boyfriend or husband.
Even now, there are grown up men and women who for different reasons have decided to have no serious commitments. This would, to an extent, be okay if these people are not out there misbehaving. At least, if they would be true singles, that would be fair. But they are neither single nor in serious relationships, they are sleeping with whoever comes across and trying to avoid being responsible for anyone. That is dangerous. A woman is important for you and a husband is important for you. Just regard love relationships as important as glucose in your cells. Please, let it matter: you need it and so get it in the right way.

4. Church/ Religion.
You see, many people excuse themselves from the church or religion by simply saying that it is not religions that will take us to heaven, but that is an excuse. Being part of a certain specific religion and congregation is very important for a growing family and you as a person. It is faith that really matters but you must have a specific area of your ministry and where you share with others. A church or a religion of some kind is very important please. Do not think you are acting wise by avoiding being part of the church or religion, you are just a coward trying to avoid being responsible and giving your spiritual accountability to your fellow brothers and sisters.

5. Entertainment and media.
Most people in towns and those who have gone to school know the value of comedy, watching movies or television, listening to radio news, songs or plays but many people in our communities do not give value to these things. There are many strong homes that i know where they do not have a radio receiver, or television, they do not believe in reading non academic books or newspapers. Even now there government workers who i have met when they are still using KAbiriti phones mbu as long as they can receive calls. I do not know if you are getting me well, but i am talking about families that have money, have gone to school but they do not see a point in these things. I want to say this is the world we are in. Do you think it is fair to travel from Gulu to Kampala to pick an admission or job application form when it is already in Gulu on websites?
Those are my five things that i have observed that people give little attention yet they are very important, you may add yours.

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