Is fair for every woman to only think of conning, dating, love and sex every time a man asks for a moment?

So i text this lady and inform her of my visiting her office, and she starts questioning me why i need to know her office's location, and what do i want to discuss with her? In response, i send her back my profile picture bearing the beauty of a woman i love and tell her, "Listen,what is wrong with your thinking lady? By the way, who told you i am conning or coming to date you?Have a look at my Facebook and whats-app profile picture and see the beauty of a woman of life who i love so much and thus stop your stupid speculations and start talking business for you and your boss's sake". Few minutes later, she whatsapped me a lot of apologizing messages and i did not reply. She called on my phone and i never picked her up. Finally, her message was, "I am sorry i was wrong. Been trying to call you but you would not pick".  I have already transferred my deal to another office and it is really promising
And i ask, why is it almost all women, no matter the age, think only about conning, dating, love and sex every time a man asks for a time? Is it the only reason for which we can ever look out for them? Yeah, it is not all of the women but a big number of them think that way only. And eh i know there are men who have nothing else to discuss with women but sex. But really shouldn't women in the business world work through this perception or attitude? I am disappointed in you.


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