So why do men get attracted to ask for a lady's contact?

You see, there is longing, i mean a divine desire within every normal being to have love and affection from an opposite sex. No matter how hard you conceal it, it is within you and if you do not find the means of satisfying that desire in the right way, then you won't escape the consequences. Whenever a man meets or sits besides a beautiful woman in a taxi, in the church, and at school, there is supernatural connection between the souls of these two, even though few rarely notices that.
The reason why a man is tempted to ask for contact is this true deep longing to be loved by an opposite sex. And this is common and easy to the single men since they are not fixed anywhere and their hearts still hollow. Girls also feel the same way or even worse but culture and nature gave them the power to conceal this for a long time and by the time she can't handle it anymore, the man will have opened. Of course, many men pretend at first to be taking the phone contacts just as friends but it all ends up being the real desire of love and affection.

When you have a girlfriend or wife, these tendencies of getting phone contacts from ladies reduce greatly simply because your heart is already occupied. Also, the pressures from your wife (jealous) makes your appetites for girls contacts go down. Also, when you are married you have very many things and responsibilities and you have no time for single ladies.

So the next time a man asks you for a number, do not think that he is mad or wants to disturb you, he is simply obeying his PARLIAMENT. And the next day a man who was your friend takes years without calling you, know that he got married or simply got someone else, do not blame him. And the next time a married man starts asking for your contact, ask him why?

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