Sometimes luck is what you only need: Life has no formula.

The other day we went for government job interviews, we were in thousands and i remember i gave you the overview of pictures. That was written one and another day we went for oral and we were still in hundreds. What do you think will probably make me or someone else go through? To a bigger part, it is just Luck!

What is luck? Simply, it is when things happen out of blue (you have no clue about them happening). Even though there is bad and good luck, it is easy to always take it positive whenever someone wishes you luck, something negative should carry another word but not luck.

Anyway, what is my point today?

The point is that at times, life just has no formula to make it happen; it just comes, that is it. I am sure i am one of those who preach every day's recipes for good life and success, but i know that rarely things will just happen or not happen despite your efforts.

Yeah, i know i get bad days that do not just go away because i have practiced these motivations. I know i get mad, angry, pissed and really behave bad and sometimes i wonder if i am the one who teaches what you all know as good and effective.

Life is just like that. At times, you do not have to work so hard but wait upon your luck or fate.

Of course luck is not entirely passive, something much deeper may be needed to drive it towards you but the truth is that such a thing is neither known to you nor to the one giving you the luck, but God.

Of course you know the quote, "God plays no dice". To God, everything is planned and predictable. There is no such thing as luck or happening without cause but to us life is mystery, do not struggle to understand it. 

Actually, everything we do on earth is trying to guess what can push the luck towards us. Sometimes, we guess well, other times we guess wrongly.

The above does not mean that life is chance, far from it, there are principles that guide life and every happening; I am simply saying we as humans sometimes cannot see the behind scenes of life happenings and in such case it is okay to say we are chance or simply had chance! 

In the above example of interviews, we all struggle to answer the questions, and i am sure thousands of us answered well, ar

were smart, organized, polite, and had good attitude. So what do you think will make 12 people get the job out of thousand applicants? LUCK!

You have got the point? It is luck at times that helps us, and not our hardworking. However,  as we earlier saw we need to try our best, follow the rules, read and practice a lot, listen to entrepreneurs and motivational speakers so as to increase our chances of getting lucky since luck is not entirely passive as we commonly believe.

Finally, some days are gonna be bad no matter how much you try, let them be. Some people are gonna hate you no matter how much you try to win their hearts, leave them. Some interview is gonna fail no matter how hard you try, do not blame yourself. Some papers are just gonna fail you no matter how hard you read, change subjects or the course. Some behaviors are not going to die away no matter how hard you try, accept them. That is life.

To us, it is all about luck though it is all entirely planned with God.

Remember, my article aims not to stop you from trying or doing your best ( after all the next ones will be more of how to make the most of life) but do not be hard on yourself or others if things work out the other way round. Life is luck, oh no, at least to us! 

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