The culture that is not worth saving

You see, there is a huge trouble with the cultural societies in Uganda and poverty partly is due to these cultural norms. Really, if a culture is not helping you in any way for your good living, why keep it? If a culture is just limiting your expansion and modernization, why hold onto it? Have you heard of female circumcision in Bagisu mbu it is culture?
Eeh i know many of my tribe mates who chased away good wives or denied their handsome husbands only because they were not of their culture. Finally, they married their fellow cultural-mates and that marked the end of their happiness. There are many people in my village who are living on a centimetre of land with a family of 8 simply because it is against culture to leave your tribe and go to the east, my family inclusive but not me.

You see, there is a lot of useless culture out here. Some of you are still allowing your fathers to sleep with your women mbu it is culture. Is that the culture we should preserve? I disagree. If a culture is not helping you at all, what will you lose by dropping it? By the way, do you still avoid eating eggs, isenene (grasshoppers), and other meats because it is against your culture for females to eat those things?

Listen, i am not saying that culture is terribly bad, i am saying that some of it is just useless. I am not saying this that you start behaving like pigs with no fear or reverence of anything, i am saying obey things or people that really help you.

So stop being limited by your culture. Stop being hit by hunger mbu you cannot live in the north. Stop being a wanderer among women mbu you cannot marry A muganda. If a culture is for your good, love it. If it is not helping you at all, drop it. Really, there are so many uses or values of culture but not in our world of today. Open your eyes and watch your way.

Finally, do not live like you have no culture, live like you own a developing and marvelous one. Don't remain without culture, drop the bad culture and adopt the new good one. That is what life expects from us and that is what God expects from us: To have hearts and minds that are readily open for change and improvement. God expects you to drop those old, restrictive and non helping community cultures and adopt the new culture of love and living, the culture of freedom, the culture of development and innovations beyond your village.

The next time i hear that you chased your wife or husband because of culture, the next time i hear you circumcising women because of culture, the next time i hear you missing nutrients and getting malnutrition because of culture, and the day i will hear that you chased away your priest because you still believe in your cultural gods, that day you will be my enemy. Stay warned.

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