The dangerous business ties you should be aware of

There is a thing I have learn from many entrepreneurs out here, they are available when marketing their own products but not yours. And eh is that a sin? Of course not. After all, you have to only pay attention to deals that benefit you only. The problem will arise if you confuse them with your friends. There are people who will answer your instant messages asking them about their products, but the day you will ask if you can bring in your own products, the message will remain unanswered for years. That is the world. The world of entrepreneurship is full of deception and forging and you really have to be careful.
Business ties are those you work with. There are people who work with you with an open heart and understanding and thus both of you will benefit, but there are those who just want to use you. By the way, if you attend someone’s functions more than thrice but he has never attended yours even once, what do you think? If you answer someone’s inquiring messages instantly but he cannot answer yours, what do you think? If someone is always telling you about his products and asks you to share on your social platforms, but cannot say your name at the day of selling, what do you think? Guys, do not act as fools. Everything done in this world is profit-guided.

People are not doing you a favor by inviting you to their graduations, they are not doing you a favor by selling you a book at 20000, they are not caring about you by inviting you to their galas, they have a plan of what they wanna gain and you MUST have your plan too. Beware of business ties that want to use you but cannot help you. Avoid companies and friends that want you to always be at the reception end of their services and products instead of you serving too. Those are the business ties that you should be aware of and learn how to exploit them or leave them.

Finally, I do not blame them. They are doing what is important for them, they are progressing, and that is what they have to do, only that they are hypocrites. They are convincing you that they care about you, that is their sin: Deception and hypocricy. Thank God I have known you; I have understood what you like about me and what you hate. I have grown to see how you intend to multiply your riches, and I am no longer your victim. To hell with such, I am grown up man.

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