The education price in Uganda is scary despite its poor dividends. School fees!

Guys, post graduate course in bachelors of nursing at Agh Khan university costs about 8 million shillings as tuition fee only minus other costs per semester. Guys, is this worth of what that institution looks like or even what it offers? Me, i think there is a lot of exploitation in Education system. Really, how do i pay 10 millions in a semester just for bachelors in nursing when i am studying for only two days in a week, doing assignments with my costs, having meals at my house and for fixing transport? Any you again say, that Uganda education system is people-centered?

I was thinking that the government should always do thorough checking and exploration of what schools and institutions are offering, the facilities they have, and the general presentation of any private university and compare with the school fees levels for their courses otherwise tufudde! By the way, the same applies with clinics, pharmacies and private hospitals.

Eeeeeh what is out here is not fair? People fix prices for their services according to their wishes. Go to shops, every shop has its own price for sugar, soap, rice and other items yet they are on the same street and in the same plaza. And since these things like education and medical care are life basics, then we are left with no option by to pay. Ubuyayye butulibubi, gavumenti etuyambe!


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