The Game Of Thrones lesson four: When money & power is your sailor, even your children or parents will be a sacrifice.

Have you ever watched the richest and admire to be like them? Have you ever admired to be the president or the minister? How about this, have you ever heard of fathers killing or betraying their children? Do you recognize the daily news where young men cut their mothers into parts so they can take the home property and buy motorcycles? Yes, I have and you have. Unfortunately, we may never be the above people we admire for somehow they might have sacrificed more than we are able to sacrifice; I am talking about their children, their parents and friends. I am not saying that the leaders and rich men we see have all given up their ‘loved’ in exchange, I am simply saying that some have. And how do you expect to quickly be like them if you are still a slave of love and humanity? Anyway, better stay where you are.
In our movie, there is a father (very greedy for power at any cost). He had taught the same trait of sacrificing whatever is near you for your pleasure, money, and power to his children and they had coped well. However, one of them (the dwarf) met God of love in the very many books he liked to read and so he changed from being bad to good. This father tried all he could to retain power and name to the point of sacrificing his child. When the king (Geoffrey) died (consult our lesson three), the blame was shifted to the Dwarf. He was accused simply because he was having bad relations with his brother, the king. His sister (the mother of the king) was terrible too. Remember, she was in love with her own brother Jimmy (another terrible love story that given rise to the birth of the worst king, Geoffrey). Mr. Dwarf was put in prison and the father conned men and judges till Death Penalty was given. Fortunately, the night before his execution, the Dwarf was made to escape by Jimmy, and before he was out, he killed the father from his own chamber, and the woman (his true love) who had falsely accused him. Is that what we want?

You see, we all love money and we wanna get better in life, but should this be at the expense of those we love or our families? No, of course. The problem is that when we put money and power first, even our children copy that way. Hey, look at yourself as I look at myself, what are you willing to sacrifice for that position or money? Your child to the demons, your mother to assassins, your wife or husband to destroyers, what are you willing to offer? The fact is that whether power or money accumulated by sacrificing the blood of the innocent ones, it does not last. There is no enjoyment along the way. The world may look at you as if you own the world, but I am sure down there in your rooms or private lives, you are regretting. In the scenario above, did the father gain anything?

Finally, I am simply saying that let love be our sailor but not money and power. Love can give us the right power and money, naye the reverse cannot be true. Money and power do not give us love, they give us hell and a circle of pretending friends. Let humanity be in everyone’s soul as we sail through this world. Have a heart that considers the safety and happiness of others and God will bless you.

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