The game of thrones lesson two: The harvest from free people

People are likely to work with you are and very well if they free than if they are under the rules and punishments. Usually, leading people should be working with them. When you enslave people and forcefully make them work for you, there are no blessings and your business does not expand. Most political leaders who put on a dangerous face and start controlling people by scary punishments and death have lost their power and trust in people and thus are scared that free people will run away. But I ask, why should it reach at that point of when people become free, they run away instead of following you?

In this movie, a woman with no power (no soldiers, no resources, and no kingdom) starts visiting other nations or kingdoms. And what does she do? She convinces the leaders (tyrant) of such places to sell her soldiers in exchange of her most favorite possessions (dragon). The deal is rocked. In her speech to the newly brought in soldiers, the woman speaks, “Men of the world. You have been serving your master under slaver, but I offer you freedom today, you are free men. Free men always have choices and today you can choose to serve or walk away home and no one will hurt you for your choice, choose”. Of course they chose to serve her. In a moment, they turned against their master who had tortured them for years. They killed him with all his people and oh how beautiful was their much behind their new queen who had offered them freedom!

Do you understand the power in making people free? Have you ever imagined the joy when people are ready to serve and die for you even in your absence? Have you ever imagined what it is like to have staffs that fight for your business as if it was theirs? If yes, then make people free and let them follow and work for you because they like you and your leadership. Stop frightening the public with heavy laws and punishments, teach them love and the right way and walk all those pages with them.

In the first lesson, we discovered that when the need for freedom becomes inevitable, people will get it no matter what. And I wonder why it has to reach that far! Act now, set people free. And this message is for us all. It is for you, the manager of a certain company, the headmaster or principal of any institution, the president or chairman of any society, and the minister or president of any nation, and you, the father and a leader of any home. Set your people free and learn how to rule with love and tenderness.

Finally, the number one reason why people enslave those they lead is trying to hide their fears and failures. A leader who imposes rules, laws and punishments is simply saying that he fears people might run away. He is confessing that he is a failure who cannot convince people to follow his goodness and achievements. He is simply trying to prevent people from asking questions, and I wonder for how long he will enslave us! We will still discover his weakness and his collapse will be terrible. I was thinking that we should be fierce enough and approach ourselves with an attitude of improvement, and let the nation we lead guide us too. This is a character of a hero, not a coward. Accept that you need help even though you are the leader and we will offer it.

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