Why girls should not be blamed for eating men's money: They eat what we present.

Eeeeeh i have been thinking about this for a long time. Actually, i have heard many stories of men cursing ladies who chewed their money. And most of these ladies just walk away after eating your buffes, travelling in your car, withdrawing from your ATM, and eh finishing off your money. And i am wondering how women or girls do it. The truth is i have never fallen victim of such girls for so many reasons, but i  do not want any of you to say that it is because i do not have enough money for even those poorer than me have been detoothed.
What is my point today? There are so many men out here who have nothing else to present to women other than money, property and power. Actually, so many of them do not feel themselves if they do not spend some kind of money on women or drive her in an expensive car. The point here is that what you present to a woman is what she takes. There are these men who can't speak any love quote, show any smile but only talk about money and the positions they hold at work place, what should a good woman do to such a man?

Stop blaming women for nothing, no woman steals money from your pocket. Some of these men feel like women will love them more if spent a lot on them, only to be disappointed. The truth is there are women whose focus in life is to detooth men but really are we not the ones to be blamed? How come the only thing you know you invested in your woman is only money? How do you expect a woman to refuse your money if it is the only thing you have ever presented to her?

I was thinking that men should revise their manners when it comes to how they present themselves to women. If you enter a supermarket and you have a woman to shop for, be sure she knows her limits or tell her how far she should go with picking things. A woman who loves you will not hate you because you gave her that limit during shopping. But how can you be a man if you say you have little money??? That is your trouble.

Finally, women, i mean good women should receive whatever a man presents or in good language, women receive a man the way he presents. If you present as a billionaire and love to you is money speaking for you, then let ladies enjoy and please stop your complaints.

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