Women: Once you do them a favor, you must do it always.

For almost all women, it is likely that once you do her any favor, you must do it always. okay, what i am saying is that if you are not ready to do a certain thing for a woman for long ( i mean forever), then it is safe that you never start it or do it the first time. Once you do it, she expects you to do it always and the day you fail, you are her enemy
For example, if you think you cannot wash plates, then never wash them even once. If you think you cannot wash clothes for her, then never wash them for her even once. If you know you won't afford pork weekly or monthly, then do not buy her pork even once. If you do not want to be on the apologizing side always, then do not apologize even once. At least do these things when she is sick only.

What i am saying is that women were made in such way, they are likely to handle a man the way he is. Whether he is rough or kind, they with time get used to that kind and life goes on. And so if your woman is used to you helping her with kitchen work, you expect her to praise you when you spend an evening watching sports? If she is used to you taking her out for pork weekly, do you want her to understand you when you jump 3 weeks without the outing? I mean, that is the way it is and neither you nor the addicted woman is wrong.

But the question is: Are we going to stop doing those favors for our women because we fear their addiction or continuous demand? Should we not help our women with kitchen work because we fear they will again and again request us to help? Should you not take the woman you love out because you fear she may keep demanding outings? I believe the answer to these questions should not be YES if we need happiness with our women but we should do the best we can for the women we love and hope to always find the means to do the favors again and again.

It is possible for you to say YES to my questions too and live your life with your woman as if on contract or as if specializing in some kind of services but the price paid here is too much. This actually because your relationship will be guided by rules and regulations instead of love and tenderness. Women are not easy, but they are more sweet in that way than the one we call simple women.

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