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Amulen Winfred's 25th birthday party: Thanks to God for safely nurturing me.

Another Tip of avoiding cheating on your sweetheart: Learn home chores.

Don’t be too needy, you may lose your freedom: The worst price for the help you get

The true religion, The true marks of Holy spirit: Not necessarily speaking in Tongues.

My take on allegiance

The 2 available means of bringing people to Christ: Threats and cherishing.

SHALL THERE BE SEX IN HEAVEN? What shall we do in heaven?

Understanding Ourselves, God and Heaven part 3

Understanding ourselves, God, and Heaven part 2

The greatest desire of a woman: Where the curse rests

The greatest desire of man: Where the curse rests.

Understanding ourselves, God and Heaven part 1

Jeremiah Chapter 48: It is a terrible mistake to make fun of someone falling; it is a clear ticket for you to the same or even worse falling. Never do it

Why you should ignore some of your family’s financial problems and focus onto yours and yours alone

The number one reason why you are not improving: You do not accept that you need it.

The Complete You Ministry in your hands everywhere

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