Amulen Winfred's 25th birthday party: Thanks to God for safely nurturing me.

It was a beautiful afternoon, 28th, May, this year when we celebrated my one and only's birthday. She was bundling her 25 years of living. This lady told a story of how God had been part of her life and He was still gonna be part of her. Good friends of ours had come to celebrate with us. These included Muhawe Edson, Kibaba Wilberforce, Rukundo Agnes, Nabaasa Evanice, Jullie (My OB Mutolere SS), Mirriam Babirye (her young sister), Bizimana Amos, and of course God. It was beautiful. We ate, drunk and danced but mostly we made a lot of fun as we chatted our heads off. It was really marvelous. We thank all those who became part of us and we love you so much and wish you to always be part of us. Thanks. Some of that days pictures are below but many more will be uploaded later. Enjoy the view.
Enjoy the gallery
                                                         Nemvicx and his sweetheart, Amulen

                                            Nemvicx and Amos
                                           Part of the foods that were available that day

                                                  Ready to enjoy the meal, Agnes is trying to serve

                                                       Birthday cake
                                                 Rukundo Agnes and Nabaasa Evanice

                                                       Eating and celebrating! Edson is in eye glasses
                                                      Kibaba Wilberforce is on the right, Agnes is serving
                                                Happy birthday cake. Happy birthday to you dear Winnie

                                                  Marriam (Babirye, her young sister)

                                                  Edson and Jullie
                                                        Kibaba Wilberforce
                                                   Amulen Winfred


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