Another Tip of avoiding cheating on your sweetheart: Learn home chores.

Henry Mutebe is another guy whose posts are nice here on Facebook. The first tip was given by him few days ago. It is carrying your lover's photo wherever you go. In his article, he made it clear that some kind of strength of remembrance may help you avoid cheating on your wife by constant look on her innocent face, maybe the child too. For those who follow me, i shared that article few days ago. Thanks to Henry Mutebe.

Today, we shall look at tip number 2: Learning how to do most of the home chores like cooking, sweeping, washing, laying bed and organizing house, lighting the charcoal stove and ironing and so many other activities. Most girls will likely steal you from your beautiful woman by exploiting your weaknesses in these areas especially when your wife is away for work or any other business. For those who wrote my article today about the dangers of being too needy, you understand what i am saying. However, if you are a man who can make life go on in all other areas of your life (of course except love making) in the absence of your wife, the chances of being stolen by other girls are reduced greatly.

Now that is another thing you should know. For example, i have learned a lot from my sweetheart. I can cook a good meal of all types, i can wash my clothes, i can iron them, i can sweep and organize my house or room and in that way, no excuses for girls to come into my life pretending to help me with cooking, washing or something else if my Sweetheart is not available. About the first tip, i already told you that she is the wall paper on my phone and my Computer background. Her photo is always with me. That way, i can try to hold on.

As i always note, i am sure there  are people there calling all of this nonsense, but it is okay, save your family. My mother taught me a lot and my love has perfected it all so from that angle i should not meet temptations. You see, there is just a simple and small time that can destroy your life forever. A moment that your wife does not matter a lot, a moment your wife may not look all that beautiful, those moments when you are having simple quarrels or disagreements. These are dangerous times when you need such simple tips.

For those who are not fixed or serious with anyone, this is good for you too. Girls take advantage of a such boy who cannot take care of himself. And now since, as you know, you actually do not have to be without a woman (that is not my teaching), the problem is that you will end up with a wrong girl. You may end up falling into the hands of a fake woman simply because she was helping you with cooking, sweeping, washing or any other thing. It is common with girls who are usually your friends but of course not your type. So you got the tip: Learn to look after yourself.

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