My take on allegiance

This movie is nice, well set and organized. It really fits in the list of Series every CEO must watch. The movie brings in the picture of another Korean movie, The SPY. In both movies, the mother was once a spy for intruders of her country( Russia for allegiance and North Korea for The spy). As you all know things of love, this mother falls in love with an innocent man and both bring an innocent child into this world. The mother retires from her duties and tries to find life with her husband and child( New life).
However, it happens some years later and the mother is needed back in her duties by her masters. The mother refuses to comply, she now hates her back life. But she is threatened that her child and husband are gonna pay the price if she refuses. A good woman tells the whole story to her love and they both agree to work together to do what the enemy wants( spy on their nations) as a way of protecting their family union and peace. A lot of tragedies and challenges that require a thinking, acting and very detective mind occur during the process.

This Allegiance is a detective category. Even though movies like 24, DIG, and others fall in the same category, they are different. The only movie that i remember well is the spy that is similar to this newest movie Allegiance. For Dig, it is a boring movie. I finished it but almost broke the DVD. For 24, it is incomparable with these movies yet it is old. The only missing thing in Allegiance is their lack of proper form of protecting their informants. As long as you accept to give them information, you are dead. This was different with Jack Bauer, he protected his informants to the last breath. However, Alex in Allegiance is an intelligent boy, with a brave heart. If he gets trained for field, he can be our next Bauer (A senior detective must have both the knowledge and hands to act- Jack Baeur)

Alex has great parents and the love between them is a great inspiration. The works of Katya and her boyfriend Victor is a great life changing lesson. I have never seen mountains that do not tremble at the sound of true love. If you are in love, get it from me that you will and can do the impossible. So Victor's heart and course of life turns 180 degrees just because the love of him and Katya is above all restrictions, even death.

Also, the acting of SVR in allegiance is so naive compared to 24, even DIG. Their operations are not so complicated though their intelligence penetrating by use of spies or moles somehow has a level.

Finally, Allegiance is a movie for CEOs to watch, it has an area of widening your thinking and reasoning. Ladies can watch it too, it has the inspiring love stories and thrillers of a heartfelt woman trying to save her family from everything evil. It listed the characteristics of a mole in any intelligent organization and these signs are true from all the detective movies that i know. However, if you have not yet bought DIG, do not buy it, it is boring. If you have not yet watched 24, then you have never watched any movie, i regard you.

Other movies to watch are The Lord of rings( adventure and not new), The Chronicles of Narnia (adventure and not new), Merlin, The legend of the seeker and others. All these are adventures but in them you will understand God and how love overcomes the law. There is great inspiration in every adventure, after all life is adventurous.

Thanks my fellow movie watchers.


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