The greatest desire of man: Where the curse rests.

I have been reading a lot this month and so I have discovered my life again. I already told you that there is life in reading, you speak to great minds in days and get to know what they learnt in years. Anyway, our inspiration is traced back to the book of Genesis 3:17-19. Following the great sin of man (Remember, our desires can lead us to the great trouble if not well treated or satisfied), God was out to check on us as He always did. This time we were no where to be seen, why? Because we had allowed our desires not to be met in the right and eternal way and thus driven off the track by the greater force of desires (Remember, your desires cannot be erased. You either meet them rightly or they find their own way to get fulfilled and when they do, you won’t like it). What is the point today?
The greatest desire of any man is ‘Measuring up to’. I am saying that the greatest desire of man is work, success, achievements and victory. When men meet, they do not chat about their relationships, their church sessions, their work relationships, but their businesses, their work and what they have achieved in such areas. Actually, the greatest fear of any man is ‘NOT MEASURING UP TO’. And since things cannot always go our way, of course, we do not measure up to and you wonder why we have not found paradise here! And so when God was cursing us, He touched where it hurts. Land would be hard to dig up, fertility would be low, businesses would fail and eh we would achieve anything after great sweating. That is the man’s heart, the center of all his belongings-WORK.

So what is the point of this? Why is it important to know this? You see, it is a good thing to have such a heart. Actually, it is not normal to think otherwise when you are a man. It is achievements, success, and ability to defend and provide for your family that will always define you as a man. However, we both know that things have not always gone as we expected. Some of us try to hide this desire for success and achievements simply because they cannot handle failing on such a desire once they arouse it, but is this helpful? No, it is not. We just have a right desire though have fake means of achieving it. The greatest challenge is that this desire is portraying a great eternal man’s desire: STRENGTH. So our impostors for happiness come from our areas of achievements but these do not provide us with eternal strengths and happiness because no matter how hard we try to design life and stay on track, things still go out of our hands. And achievements lost are manhood destroyed, but should it be this way?

There must be another way to have these achievements undisturbed? Let us move on. Since we have tried some peace with our small achievements but in vain, tried to sustain life only to end up succumbing to death, and yet we still hold the desire not to lose out, not to die (We right never to want to die or lose for it is how we are made, eternity is in us), then only heaven is the only thing left for us to hope in. But what is heaven? It is simply our lives the way we are but in a more modified and perfect manner. It is when our achievements are soaring high, our relationships building up and our desires coming to complete satisfaction. That is our home: When our deep desires are met in complete satisfaction, which is heaven. Good night. We shall see the greatest desire of a woman next time. Thanks

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