The greatest desire of a woman: Where the curse rests

While a man's pride is in strength and work as we earlier discussed, a woman whole heart is implanted in relationships. Relationships is all that matters to a woman and it is okay, it is what should matter to her. You see, that is what a woman was made for. And when she, just as a man fell short of God's glory, it is what she lost. Listen, "I will cause you to have much trouble when you are pregnant... You will desire your husband so much but he will rule over you". Are we together? Of course, this curse is general and should be understood in a stretched way or those single ladies out there escape the curse. But oh no, it is for all women: Incomplete relationships and with so much troubles in relating.
Okay, recent activists have tried women emancipation and so many women out there have understood it as trying to equate a woman to a man but that is not true. The value of woman emancipation is for a woman to have the freedom and grounds on which to exercise her gifts and abilities as given by her creator. Actually, many women have tried to be manly in all the ways: Fighting wars, success in businesses, chasing careers, and working out the land, but do not be surprised that it is just a diversion after a disappointment in where they belong. They are thousands of women professors out there but almost all of them know the pain in having failing relationships.
When women meet, they do not talk about work and achievements, business and the agricultural industry, they talk about relationships. They talk about their husbands, their boyfriends, the relationships at work, in church, or market. A woman who is successful in relationships is happy no matter what. Yeah, other life aspects are important too but this is her center of the heart, of the desire, of her life.
Why is this important to know? It is the greatest desire, the heaven of all women yet they can never have it to the fullest. Just as we have always encountered failure and disapointments in our exploration of achievements as men, women have never attained the est of what they desire. Understanding this desire is important to remind women that it is what they are and desperately fighting for it is not being crazy, it is doing the right thing. Our impostors are those things that we use to represent the people we love or whose love we yearn to have or simply we may pretend that we do not need love altogether because of the fear of the disappointments. The great fear of a woman is having unyielding relationships.
So are you running away from who you are as a woman? Your heart is in relationships. It can be romantic, it can be philos, it can be any kind of relationship but that is where you belong. In the new series of undestanding God, ourselves and heaven, we shall answer your trouble of not finding all your desire in completeness. Thanks
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