The number one reason why you are not improving: You do not accept that you need it.

"What do you want"- Jesus of Nazareth
"A problem known is half way solved"

All the above quotes point to one simple truth: Unless we accept that we are badly off, then we won't improve. We were in a seminar and the topic was, " stopping alcoholism and smoking". These two behaviors are not easy to stop once started, you get addicted. For those who have ever suffered addiction of any kind, you know what i am saying: you just can't help it but do that thing over and over again no matter how hurtful it may be to you, your family or nation.
So when the presenter opened his steps, we were surprised that the steps are almost similar and accepting that you are already a victim is number one. You see, there is a lot of wisdom in the words of Socrates, " The true wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing". How about Jesus' quote, "blessed are the poor". When we acknowledge that there is something we need, it is our first and important step in obtaining that thing.

What do you want? So many of us really do not know our problems. So we walk with them from Monday to Monday and finally make them part of our lives. I have heard so many of my friends asking questions like; By the way, do i need a car, now for what? Why should i get saved? By the way, what do i need from the church? Eeh do i really have to get married? A man for what? Anyway, why should i waste my money going for more studies? But guys, why should i stop drinking? Is it a problem that i smoke? How about dating many girls, where do i lose? I am sure you have heard people ask such questions too or you have asked them yourself.

The truth is that i have ever asked such questions but i changed a lot. My point today is that as long as such questions are still part of you, then you cannot overcome no matter how hard you try. So the secret is first examining yourself and telling exactly what could be wrong with you and what you need. Your decision on this will determine your future. You know what? No one, no obstacle, no challenge can stop you from achieving what YOU WANT. What you want is your desire and who told you that a desire is stopped?

In the book, Think and get rich, Napoleon Hill has a lot about a desire. Once you have a desire to change your sexual life, once you get the desire to get rich, once you build the desire to overcome smoking or alcoholism, once you build up the want to get rid of poverty, no one will ever stop you. Do you know God portrayed a desire ending up in deception and murder? Have you ever analysed the story of King David and Bathsheba apart from the common citation of prostitution, betrayal and boredom? That is the power of desire. You will do anything to make your desire come true.

So my point is home: It is not that there is no way or it is not possible, you have not yet decided that you need improvement. It is not that all men are bad and cheaters that you are not yet settled but flying with everyone for one night stand, it is simply that you have not yet decided to be serious with a man. It is not that you completely have no job, you have not yet decided that you need one and then look for it. I know many of us have stories to tell, but really have you completely desired a thing and given it all you can in vain? If it has not yet happened, it will happen, please, do not give up.

Finally, what are you lacking? What is your real problem? Where exactly do you need improvement? The sooner you discover your loopholes, the earlier they will be sorted out, start now. Even me i still have a lot of loopholes, but i have to admit that it is because i have not yet decided on them, i am struggling with you guys. But at least, i am writing from experience for i have broken through a lot that seemed barriers long time ago, i have moved some distance, we are still moving, and this time, with you.

The next article will be the only 3 available means of doing self examination ( introspection). God bless you

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