Understanding ourselves, God and Heaven part 1

For those who follow my writings, we already agreed that listening to ourselves, others, and our God, are the 3 sure means of discovering who we are. In those 3 parts, we found out that all the means of exploring our lives can be met. However, we concluded that God is the one who participates in any of the means for our self discovery. Today, we have started a series of great literature as we answer most of our profound questions. Part one of this, Who are we???? If you followed the above 3 ways, what exactly did you find out about yourself? But then, what should be the truth about you? Follow closely.
The great teacher and philosopher Pascal wrote, "All our miseries prove our greatness. They are the miseries of a dethroned monarch". Let us go back to the creation stories, "So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth" (Genesis 1:27-28). There we go.

We are great as Pascal observed. Our miseries are disappointments. There is a life we were meant for, the original Adam, the king and the ruler of the earth. In easy words, you are what you truly desire but not what you acquire (None of us acquires his true desires to the complete). You remember, we said that our desires are our lives, God communicating and giving us directions. Denying or trying to surpass your desires is direct suicide of life. Am I making it easy? Oh no, I am saying that your deepest heart desires is the true you and that is the true me. What am i saying? Let us look at desire in simple terms.

"We are never living, but hoping to live", Pascal reminds us. I think that is the easiest definition of desire. The kind of life we are always hoping to live and which we never have. In the book, Awakened heart, May writes, "We are DESIRE. It is the essence of the human soul, the secret of our existence. Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without it...". Okay, we desire to grow up meeting all we want, acquiring richness and life as we wish, meet and marry beautiful ladies, enjoy romance, have children and grandchildren, write books and sell, live long and longer, find joy in the health of our bodies, stay in happiness and sing peace and oh how great is our desire! The fact is that we never get that, not even half of it.

Read this, "Man is so great that his greatness appears evenin knowing himself to be miserable. A tree has no sense of its misery. It is true that to know we are miserable is to be miserable, but also to know we are miserable is to be great. Thus all the miseries of man prove his grandeur; they are the miseries of a dignified personage, the miseries of a dethroned monarch... What can this incessant craving, and this impotence of attainment mean, unless there was once a happiness belonging to man, of which only the faintest traces remain, in that void which he attempts to fill with everything within his reach?"-Pascal.

So it is not what we are now that is who we are, it is what we desire to be. It is not the happiness or the peace that we have, it is what we desire to have. It is not the romance and love we enjoy, oh no, it is the kind of romance free of heartaches, lack, diseases, that we desire. That is who we are. Desire is me, it is you. Actually, God is worried about us if we ever let go of our desire, we shall have lost ourselves then (Proverbs 4:23). Looking at the original Adam, that is our true personality. We are gods (John 10:34), eternal rulers (Revelations 22:5), for if we were created in His image, then we certainly can do and live as He lives. So John Eldredge writes, "our original design was a life of creative rule, to share in the overall care and development of God's creation" (Desire).

So that is who we are. Though we are not actually that real, but our desire reminds us who are. And since we can only desire for what we hope for, then our hope is real. Actually, we can only hope in the things we desire too. Without desire, hope is not there and no life. For those who follow my writings, we agreed that there is divine discontentment in a true person and whoever preaches a gospel of contentment is lying both to himself and his followers for none of us is truly living to our contentment. Many preachers have emphasized the murdering of our heart desires as a sacrifice to serving the Lord, as a means of getting sanctified, but that is a wrong gospel. Our sin is not in our desires, but in our desiring for less or little. It is just most of us fear the fact that we won't attain the highest of our desires and so resort to not desiring at all or desiring for little things. However, we both know that desire won't get away because you do not accept or cherish it, it is the substance of human soul.

Finally, do not get bothered by not living your whole desire, it will be restored as whole as it is. We shall look at this deep restoration when we look at Heaven. For now, you are what you deeply desire, the life you hope for, though you never find it. And eh it is not your fault that you do not find it as long as you keep desiring to have it. God bless you

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