Understanding ourselves, God, and Heaven part 2

Yesterday, we understood who we are from the first principles. And while we do know that, we agreed that we have never attained the whole of who we are for the world is now corrupt. Today, we are looking at part 2 of the great message: Who is God? Aaaah God is not that hard to understand as so many people confess, he is the easiest. Of course, this holds true unless you are the pharisee of our time trying to understand Him by digging a lot of law books, You cannot understand God from books and reading so high. Anyway, let us explore our lesson today.
Let us go back to the creation again, "Let us make human beings in our image and likeness....So God created human beings in his image. In the umage of God he created them. He created them male and female" (Genesis 1:26-27). This is easy to understand to all of us. An image is always a reflection of the original and thus, God is us and we are God. Oh no, this is blasphemy! We are just the image and likeness of God. In simple words, we are almost God but we are not complete God. And eh i am afraid you will not see complete God here but the imperfect one-MAN. So there we go, God is like us though a little bit modified and perfected as the original indeed. We are gods.

Many people have tried to portray God as that supernatural soul who worked out the universe and is seated somewhere above us watching what we are doing wrong and right yet our God is a moving being, a person with us, an ever present God in his universe. Jesus made it clear that He came in the name of the father and whoever sees or saw him meant Meeting God. Also the bible is clear when it says that no one has seen God. Indeed we have never seen Him wholly but we have a glimpse of him in our daily lives unless you do not want to feel Him. This will be more tackled when looking at heaven.

Understanding Ourselves, God and the Heaven can again present in 3 parts as Desire, not having it, Coming desire (We want life, we cannot have it, It is however coming). Ourselves we are desire, God is that desire, and Heaven is having the desire. It may be hard to understand but i will explain: See, what we are is what we long for (our deep heart desire). However, this desire never comes in its fullness for the sin corrupted the world and Adam lost His rule over the earth  and so he could  not be able to command desires to be fullfilled. Okay, God sent His son Jesus to be our gate through which we can restore what we desire in fullness (We cannot have that complete restoration now though we have a taste of it). And then Heaven is simply the acquisition of the desire in its fullness-LIFE. We shall answer this when we look at romantic sex in heaven.

Look at a woman, she has God's image. Look at a man, he has God's image. Now, a man is typically meant for power, strength, work, success and influence (i hope you read my article about the greatest desire of a man), and that is one side of God-Manly. He is all-knowing, stronger, worker, and great achiever. He can congratulate and reward great staffs but can heavily punish and oppress his enemies or those who do not do well. That is God. Actually, one of the great disadvantage of the gospel of grace is that it over-diminishes the hardness in God. Some people lose a grip on the fear of the Lord for He is so merciful and lovely according to this gospel. However, this perception is only possible with little faith otherwise we know that God's grace and love is one characteristic that points Him out as the greatest and the most fierce lion ever known. Love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and humility are all virtues of greatness.

Now, look at God as a woman. Very lovely, caring, soft and tender heart, forgiving and always caring about His children. That is another side of God. So God did not just put one soul in a human being jsut as many believe. He has all the souls that make us unique in our talents and gifts yet He remains one true God. Believe me or not, a woman will forever be a woman and a man will forever be a man but both in God's image. So that is God, it is yourself in a more improved and perfected manner. Eeeeh no, do not think that you are God, you are not that perfect or all-knowing as Him. You can understand the nature of God by looking at the nature of people before they are distorted by the world. But since we both know you won't find that undistorted picture of God, then eh do not confuse God with them. But we can always get a glimpse of God's goodness in the goodness of people and the world, this another lesson (experiencing God in our daily real life).

For Sunday school class, God is love. He is Jesus. He is the Holy spirit. He is God in trinity. However, at this level we are trying to define God as part of our lives. We are trying to understand God as the glimpses of love, care, protection, provisions, health, success in business and relationships that we experience in pour daily lives. The use of this article is to see God as a closer friend and being who is always around and participating with us in all walks of life. He can be experienced in the woman you married, in the business you, in your job or parents, in your church or pastor, in your children or beauty or handsomeness. God is there and please celebrate Him. He is the part of the desire that you are able to enjoy at the moment. Thank you
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