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Where does love start or come from??

Tip 3 of maintaining your faithfulness to your lover: Expect every fault in her to be five times worse in other women

Administration lesson 2: Do not be rigid, be flexible for the effectiveness of your business.

Administration lesson 1: Why most administrators, managers or bosses are troubling our lives

Who said that Charity begins at home? And what is charity anyway? What is home??

Romance is from God, but not from the goddess Eros.

It is not your passion, desire or longing that is depreciating, but your knowledge.

Am i the one losing or it is the bank???

Nobody can understand exactlty what you feel, only God can. Trust me on this.

God's word with Nemvicx: Jeremiah chapter 48.

The workers that cannot miss at any workplace: THE NAGGING ONES

I disagree, women want big things

You are not what say you are, you are what you say and think about yourself.

Waiting, it is not bad unless badly done

Unexpected sunshine (inspired by Joel Osteen)

The power of 'I am' (inspired by Joel Osteen)

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