Administration lesson 1: Why most administrators, managers or bosses are troubling our lives

You see, there those people who never realize or understand the level they have been promoted too and keep competing for down levels with their staffs. Many administrators, bosses or managers have a problem with self-esteem. Most of them maybe believed that the world would kneel down to them because of their positions but it did not happen. What happens next? They see every individual, including their staffs as threats to their positions and respects. While this is okay( I mean to consider everyone as a fellow competitor), for them, they misunderstand the whole idea. What happens next? They trouble even the young one looking for help from them for they feel that even this vulnerable person is a competitor, a threat to their positions.The other day I visited an office, the officer sent me to another office, that office sent me to another office, and that office sent me to another office and i finally ended up to the office I visited first. In the course of all these shifts, I would hear words like aah I am not the one to give you this, first see Mr. so and so, aah I think I will need to consult so and so, and you can imagine the psychological torture I faced. These officers had the power of simply signing on my paper and i would get what i needed but kept shifting tasks because they never understood the power they had. That is a great trouble(not to believe that people who knock on your door trust your powers and believe that you can help them).

There are really times when the need to consult another office is necessary as you all know but guys don't you realize that it is of often unnecessary and just stresses the vulnerable person or the one looking for help??? If people are sent to your office, help those people within all your power and refer only where you cannot handle. So most bosses do not realize that they are actually big and end up torturing the people they should help mbu they are equally threats.

I am not sure if you have got my point but here is the simple way: How do you feel when someone keeps referring you to someone else? And the process goes on with these devils like, come back tomorrow, aah see me on Monday,eeeh just be patient, wait a little we will handle it and so on. And I ask Managers do you ever think or consider the psychosocial life of the people who work for you? Do you ever imagine how such responses of coming tomorrow that always leave an issue hanged, affect the emotional life of your people????

What is the point today??? Whenever you are in an office, first understand how far your abilities or duties go?? Don't refer people when you were supposed to help them or help wrong people who you were supposed to refer. Know that when people are sent to you or come to you for help, they have trust in your powers or means to help them and so do it with one heart. I am done, you have learned. Good day

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