Administration lesson 2: Do not be rigid, be flexible for the effectiveness of your business.

So many officers and stakeholders push people aside and help no one in the name of obeying system and following rules. This is dangerous. Laws and rules are meant to help people and make them get work done not the other round. This means that every effort should be made to make sure that the law is working for the interest of people not the vise versa. Listen, you are likely going to breakdown your business if you listen so much to rules than to your common sense especially in situations that require some practical thinking.Take an example, your rule is first come first served. Unfortunately, on a Monday morning, a person from Arua knocks on your door here in Kampala but he is second to the one who has come from Kiwatule. If this person begs you to work for him first so he gets a bus back to Aria, you are likely gonna have to break the rule and serve the man. There are thousand of these situations. You are a nurse on a ward and people have to pay or register before they can get service A or B. Early this morning, someone very sick appears and he is not ready to pay instantly, you will have  to break the rule or let a corpse be in your clinic's door. All these situations simply need common sense and shifts.

So many officers and managers use the excuse of rules and regulations and end up not helping people. There are those who only remember to apply the rules only to those they do not wish to help and when others come, they jump the rules. Actually, all managers and bosses break the rules and the general procedure but when do they do that? When corrupted or bribed. This is very terrible. Only when it is in the interest of the vulnerable individual should we break the rules not because we are bribed. The other day an administrator was telling me to pass through and wait for the system to give me accommodation yet there are those who are in the rooms and do not even belong to my company. So how did they get the accommodation??

You see, there is no problem with observing the rules and regulations buy there is a problem if this is only so when vulnerable people, those strange to you and defenceless citizens knock on your office. The idea is that a good administrator should not be rigid with laws and regulations but make sure that his people are being served by the regulations in place. That is the point. And please stop remembering to use your system, laws or rules only when those poor people are seeking help from you, apply your system on everyone including yourself.

What is my point today??? Do not pretend that you are a good observer of rules and regulations and that is why you are not helping, it is simply because you do not want to or you are not being bribed. Otherwise we all know you are not that law obedient. That is why people have suffered under many religious units, and political driven institution mbu it is a system or a Set of channels or steps to have what we need. A good administrator knows how and when to modify any rule or regulation to fit the needs of his people, be one.

Finally, why is it that you do not apply those same rules and regulations to yourself, family or those who bribe you???And if you can break them for such nonsense reasons, how about the deity of saving a nation by breaking them?? Liars and hypocrites only. Have you ever wondered what Jesus wanted to say in the story of a woman caught in adultery?? And eh have you ever considered why you are actually a law breaker? And why is it that you have found no joy or happiness by obeying that rule? For those who read my articles, we agreed that common sense is the only driver behind every principle and rule otherwise we would be hurt by the laws or principles we make, use your common sense boss. Thanks

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