Am i the one losing or it is the bank???

Crane bank, Kampala central has a crazy marketer lady. I will not say her name. So I went to open up a bank account called Daily access account. I paid the money, my ID was photocopied and I was told that I would receive my account number on my phone two days from that day of registration. Two days passed, 4 days passed and a week passed without any call. So I called them, that lady said, "Aaah you see, your ID was rejected". "Why didn't you communicate?" I asked. Haahha, she was already off the phone.
The next time I went there, i had gotten another stamped letter from my Chairman to act as my ID (I registered for my national ID from Mbarara and those guys have not yet issued out cards). When I reached there I called her and said I was waiting on the third floor (where they register from). Earlier long, I had first talked to one of their fellow workers who I told that I have pursued that account for about a month so I was determined to make it that time.

When that lady appeared, she had more two customers with her and i greeted all of them (according to Today's Robert narration of Amos Wekesa's company, that girl should have greeted me with a smile because I was the customer but instead i did it). The first thing she did before all other people was to quarrel, "Eeh for you, who told you to call me as if I was late? Why did you say that it has taken a month yet you are the one who brought unacceptable documents? By the way, what do your think when you disturb us like that?"

I calmed her down and told her that I was aware that my card was not accepted but i added that her communication was poor compared to her promises. When she said that she delayed because of my documents, I asked her, " My friend came here last week with perfect documents of national ID, you people promised to give her the account number in 2 days time, and now a week and more days have passed without a communication, how do you want me to believe that you would have done mine in time if i had come with the right ID?"

Anyway, I finally pulled out my new letter and she refused it before reading through. She insisted that she wanted a headed kind of document or national ID and i asked her, " with all that shouting and quarrels, how do i believe that you are not just troubling my life? She had no genuine answer to this, but quarreled more. You know how women can quarrel if they really want to. I lost words. Here, i was their customer. Instead of sitting me down and she calmly explains what I should have, she was like fighting my will to be there. I kept my letter and then said, “what if I wanna go somewhere else, do you have a way of refunding my money?"

That is where my today's point rests. In her greatest anger (I am sure this woman is not married and not in any working relationship, she had a face full of anger and frustrations, i was her sacrifice that day, her Jesus), she pulled out a paper and a pen and asked me to write a request for the refunding. Eeeeh, I was shocked. How come a lady who is in marketing department, who should be calming down customers and holding onto them behave like that? How can instead of begging me to forgive all their delays, bad communication and come next time with a right document, she quickly pull out a paper and advise me to write down my withdraw wish??? Eeeh, I wonder how such people end up in such departments of market and customer care???

What did I do? I got the paper and sat myself down (of course, they had not offered me any seat), i thought for 2 minutes and then my nature rose up, my gift propelled me to speak, my inspirational sword was to be used, my duty was here that Monday afternoon. In front of all the 6 people who were in shock too, I stood up and said, “You see dear..., you are not supposed to be here. And if you could be here, then you should not have to be in this department. Everything could happen but not you to encourage me to withdraw my application from your company. Your boss pays you to bring in as many people as possible. You see, I could be wrong somewhere but really this was easy for you to handle with even one word. And so many of you are proud, you do not think about the greater good for your company but you are like fighting for your egos.

I have thought about what I wanted to do, but i am asking myself if I will be the one to lose or it is your bank. Of course I am a small customer compared to your bank but many of people like me make your bank and if one by one we sign out, you and your boss can end up on the street. Anyway, I have made a decision not to write the letter since I really need this account for my plans and at this stage, I am sure it is me who can lose not the bank. Learn how to be humble and cool down in case there are no eternal rewards in your fights. I am done, you have your lesson. Next time, I will appear with what you exactly want and I go on with my plan" I finished and handed back the paper and pen. I could see shame on that proud unmarried woman and oh how terrible it was for her!!!

What is my point? Our anger and attitude make us lose more. Before doing what you wanna do, ask, "Am I gaining or I am just reacting out of anger? Can't there be another way? And if you discover that you are not gaining, humble yourself, accept the defeat like blow and move on. It is that humility that King Zedekiah lacked that pulled Judah down and made him a captive of Babylon. When prophet Jeremiah asked him to surrender in time, he was like what would people think to see a great king surrendering to another man!!! And you must be feeling the same and i assure you that you will fall.

This humility is good in business, in family, at schools and market. Mind about the greater good and gain and sacrifice that pride and God will bless you. I am sure I ended up being a hero by just bending down and turning back the letter. Indeed humility is for greater men, failures cannot humble themselves. 


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Born from Uganda, Nemeyimana Vicent (Nemvicx) has become what people call, "coming from nothing to something". Professionally, he is both a nurse and public health officer and currently works with Mulago National Referral Hospital. In 2016, he wedded his wife and great sweetheart, Amulen Winfred (also a professional Midwife and counsellor). Besides their professions, Nemvicx is an inspirational writer, singer, motivational speaker, author of several digital books. He a theologian and blogger at (The Complete You Ministry).

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