I disagree, women want big things

I have heard this song that women just want small things that can make them happy. I, however, have been thinking about why then men are unable to give out such small things and make life easy and joyful. The answer has sounded in my mind now, women want big things but not the small ones. What the world calls small things are the big things in reality. If not that, why the hell would there be all these bad moments between lovers that had intentions for good and happiness? How come no one has ever analyzed this and give the true value to these things that women want us to do for them. Yes, i have analyzed it for myself and for you.
In the article, there can be giving without loving though there cannot be loving without giving, we agreed that any man can be able to give a woman money, protection, house, and eh good expensive dresses and cars, but not any man can give care for long, stay besides an angry woman, calm down a woman he himself has made cry, kiss and hold a woman who he himself has been quarreling with, and all those other things from the heart which you have wrongly termed as 'small things'. But any man is able to put on the table 50000 shillings even after beating his wife, a man is able to buy an expensive dress or car for a woman  who has been quarreling over the phone. Dare i say a man is able to help in all ways a woman he has no feelings for. Even me i can do that for my personal reasons and ego.

Alas! So how come you get these things that come from deep within our hearts, that require our total humbleness and submission, that require a greater sacrifice of our heart's pride, and call them 'small things'???? I am pissed and angry at this. I know so many women do not know that what they are asking for is bigger and greater and so think that men are not serious if even such 'small things' cannot be guaranteed. Listen, there is no such a small thing whose strings are attached onto the heart. Please, learn how to value things that you request for.

What is the point today? Our lives, i mean, my life is sour and sad because i have often failed to give in abundance what is small and readily available according to women, but now i see that i failed simply because it is not small, instead, it is the biggest that i can offer and it cannot be that easy to provide it all the time. No more stresses or being angry with myself, at least, not too much.  I now know that i have to sacrifice hard, kill myself hard and close my eyes enough if i am to provide these items, intangible great things of the heart. And only God can make any man satisfy his wife in these things. So men out there, do not worry. You are not so much bad as women think, you are not failing in small things as women think, you are failing while trying to deliver the greatest things there can be.

Lastly, women are not gonna be satisfied with these things they usually call small until they realize that actually what they are requesting for are great and big things there can be. " Just hold me, just calm me down, just stay near all  the day, just tell me nice things after making me angry, just come home with a smile and warm kiss everyday, just hug me when i am mad at you, just touch me when i am abusing you, just say sorry when you annoy me, just listen to me when i am complaining, just let me cry on your laps even when you are the cause for my cry, those 'small things' are the ones that i want" women say. And i wonder how dare they call them small when many men are failing  at them?

Conclusion: Men should work hard to give these intangible things to women but term them as the greatest they can offer and thus seek God's help and be slow with themselves in case of some failing or shortages. Women should rename these things ad the greatest and thus appreciate the few of them they get, help their husbands to make them come true too and seek God's guidance too. I am done, that is my heart.

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