It is not your passion, desire or longing that is depreciating, but your knowledge.

In the articles about Desire and its power in making us achievers, we agreed that desire is our natural guide to our destinations. Actually, in our series of understanding God, ourselves and Heaven, we found out that it is our desires that make our lives. Our enjoyment in life is the fulfillment of our desires and giving up on your desire is exactly giving up on your life. But what if our desire for what we know is good is little? What if our desire for what most call good has depreciated? If our core make-up is our naturally implanted desires, how come we lose the desire for that which makes us? How come we desire less going to heaven but can long to fly in a plane more? How come we desire less going to church but yearn for going to the club? How come we desire less our women and desire sleeping with other people’s wives? What exactly is happening? And then are we not doomed that our desire for such great good is dead? In this article, I am going to try to answer it, pay attention.In the Movie, The Giver, Jonas (the receiver of memories) is a happy young man with good friends and heavily satisfied with life. Not only him, but all the people in that community had been shielded from the memories of our real world full of emotions that excite love, care, sympathy, anger, fights and all sorts of things as you know our world. What is, however, amazing is that these people are happy and satisfied with life until Jonas is fed with our world’s memories from the ‘Giver’. What happens next? Jonas now longs for that life that had been hidden from them for long. His longing develops to the point that he escapes and breaks all the community rules and regulations to find that world where couples kiss, people cry, people dance and sing, people fight and kill each other, our world. What is the point? Knowledge about something automatically increases the longing for it. No, let us rephrase it: Knowledge about the sweetness of a thing deepens our desire for it.

You started with so much desire to go to church but you no longer wanna go there. You started with so much passion for your wife but oh you no longer have that longing. You started with great longing for such a business but now you do not feel opening it up. You started with too much desire for glorifying God but that is no longer your agenda. You used to have guts for marring a woman but you seem to have opted to sleep everywhere. What is happening? The problem could only be that you do not have greater information about the goodness of what you desired. In our exposition of what heaven is, we agreed that we cannot desire for what we do not know. Just as faith, Desire is influenced by knowledge. It is after knowing so deeply the love of God that you can be propelled to love him more. It is after understanding the sweetness of heaven and what exactly it is that you can long to be there. It is after complete understanding the value of education that you can long to study no matter what. It is after understanding who I am and how great my articles are that you can long to always read what I write.

You cannot maintain your desire for God if you do not want to study more of His word. You cannot maintain the desire of your business if you do not invest in exploring it more. You cannot maintain the longing for your wife if you do not invest in her and increase her sweetness. You cannot maintain the desire for heaven if you know so little about it. I told you that so many people think heaven as unclear space hanged out somewhere where life will just be fine. People do not know where shall paradise be, who will go there, what shall we do there, what exactly will be done in heaven, which life shall we live, and all other questions which if answered can increase our longing for heaven. The bible is clear; our faith comes from hearing, and hearing the word of God. Yeah, our faith and our desire come from knowing and knowing the goodness of a thing we desire to have.

Finally, try a lot to study and know more about God by reading the bible a lot, listening to sermons and other means of God speaking to you and you will finally be addicted to loving and only longing for Him. Try to invest time, money and study the beauty and goodness of your wife and you will finally get addicted to only loving and serving her. Try to read my articles daily and every time and see how you are going to get addicted to following my writings. Try understanding more about the business you like and see how your desire will overcome billions of obstacles. Remember, good decisions are those made after great information has been considered. And eh do not be surprised that you do not long for some things and others do, it is because you really do not know the sweetness in such things. Enjoy.

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