Romance is from God, but not from the goddess Eros.

During the Greece-Roman dominance over the world in culture, philosophers used to think of romantic love as devilish. This was simply because the word Eros (romance) was also the name of the Greek goddess of love and relationships called Eros. In that aspect, all the people were convinced that falling in love with a woman was the same as falling into hell.  Actually, that could be one of the reasons why St. Paul met some questions regarding staying single or marrying.
C.S Lewis is a great author and legend in children literature and Bible renovations concerning the true gospel of grace. Despite him being such a respectable man in religion, he also believed that emotions or romantic feelings were devilish and thus a sin. He lived almost the entire of his life trying to dodge romance and scaring away those who wanted to lure him until in his last years when he met Joy Gresham, a British Poetess who mesmerized him with romance and he discovered the Paradise he was going to miss forever.

What is the point today? There are 3 kinds of love that make one true and complete love: The love of us and God, the love of us and other people, and the love of us and our lovers. You may ignore consciously or unconsciously one of these loves but i am sure you feel the emptiness. You need love from people as friends, coworkers, relatives and others. You need love from your God, and you need love from a lover either a man or a woman. That is it, it is natural.
However, back to Paul's reply to early Christians, the decision is yours in everything. You can decide to live a single life if that is what makes you happy and complete. You can avoid having relations and love with other people, and as usual you can decide not to love God. The fact is there are consequences to every decision we take in life. My advice to you would be to have all the 3 kinds of love and experience the glimpses of paradise while still in this life. There is nothing so good and enjoyable on this earth like Love. Take it or leave it, it is up to you.

Finally, I recommend that you look for the book called Shadowlands. It is a novel about the life of C.S Lewis and his romance story. It is so inspiring. Have you ever wondered why God said that it was not fair for man to live alone but needed companion!!! And to remind the singles, the non- girlfriend guys, stop pursuing other people’s ladies and wives and you will have your single life Approved. Otherwise because you are not committed somewhere or to anyone and yet you are sleeping everywhere as a dog does not make you a single woman or man. Copy from St. Paul or your priests if you have unfailing ones. God bless you

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